Block Party Day 1&2 -An insiders perspective from the Indiehouston Westheimer Block Party Stage

This year we were asked to help man a stage at the Westheimer Block Party and we were thrilled. The festival gives rise to Houston’s artists every year without discrimination against musical genre or experience. A fresh new band that makes an effort to gets there start has the opportunity afforded to them to show new fans whose boss, regardless of schedule or conflict.


Nosaprise played early, but he didn’t act like it. Most people would have asked if they could play a little later until more people come. When Nosaprise went to the stage he rapped his heart through our QSC Monster speakers – and then the people came to crowd his stage.

299Newcomer David Lascoe admits his third performance only in Houston, but with Bluesy acoustic sounds and melody, Saturday was looking Beautiful.


Alas some things must go wrong.  A hero emerges – A white knight with a dream jumps on stage and convinces our sound guy that he can do a quick set between bands. And with one chance, and one opportunity, free-styling began. Unfortunately the CD skips … and the popping sounds …  must of made him forget his lyrics … regret sinks in.


Diego Esparza, our sound guy, attempts to make it sound better, but fails.


Puppet Theater at Super Happy Fun Land stage proves to be the hangout spot for the homeless, who thought they there watching TV while begging for small change only in between commercials.


Mermaids of Judaism starts 10 minutes late but we’re not complaining – there car got towed with most of there instruments in the backseat. After playing they rushed off to back Hollywood Floss on the Numbers Stage still enthused to be playing the festival.


Ghormeh Sabzi kills it with familiar faces.

351The best part about Block Party is everyone gets a chance.


Even Omar Afrah of Free Press Houston , playing with Little Joe Washington.

385 Austin, TX band, Literature bails on the show after car trouble in Katy and so another improvised set begins on our stage – this time fortunately with seasoned musical act –  Cockerspaniels. Sean from the Cockerspaniels gives us a lesson about his hair and even sings a whole song  acapella with the entire crowding clapping to his beat. He pulls it off seamlessly even with us not being able to get his ipod rolling. After playing he mentioned that he would be off to make 3 more shows his own at the festival.


Pictured Richard Ramirez - Indiehouston's Photographer and Media Arts Director

Richard poses for the only picture of him taken before heading off to take more pictures of the Westheimer Block Party – Thank you so much!

426The night felt like ours, and judging from stories from our friends -similar experiences were happening at every stage. For once, Houston caries on the tradition of coming out to shows that are getting bigger and better every year. It seems like the perfect time to be a musician, or  artists, or even a spectator of these grand events taking place before our city.

438Paris Fall played in front of over 400 people and  the crowd was going crazy. Our lights against those powerful  Orange amps -Was it loud? Hell yeah – It was Fucking Rock N Roll. At one point during a breakdown singer Ray Brown screams if a box of CD’s was of any interest to them? –the crowd jumped all over each other to get a copy. Surprise guest were everywhere – especially our stage as Paris Falls took their headlining position to another level by introducing an encore set with Airon Paul Dugas.


Giant Princess improvised there own Guerrilla Set behind La Strada using a generator, and PA followed by similar sets from BLACKIE and Listen, Listen. Hmm… wait that wasn’t on the Block Party list or schedule? – The Lesson Learned: No cop will give you shit in Texas so long as your wearing a cut off Blue Jean Vest.

584Sings Plays an intimate set inside upstairs Helios.

638Free Hugs were given out  unbiasedly, especially for girls in cut off shorts!


Around 7pm – We had to sneak over to the main stage to see Houston’s favorite The Wild Moccasins. We became nervous leaving our stage for 30 minutes, but we left a trustworthy person in charge. Wild Moccasins, Zahira Gutierrez wore lights powered by questionable sources and beach ball mania courtesy of Rice University… Later we find out that during this 30 minute peek at the other side,  Police were turning down our stage.


Ghost Mountain shows the IH stage why there one of Houston's most hyped about bands right now.

Ghost Mountain - Young, Fresh, and loaded with free racks that are reaching national stereos and VCRs.

AH Yes! Now its Tuesday and the  block party is over and people who went will  now share there favorite memories and adventures. If your wondering why we are barely posting anything- sorry we couldn’t get a jump on covering the festival without taking a breather  from loading and unloading stage equipment/pirate ships amongst thousands of people. 1 day has past,  yet the ringing in the ears still continues. Indiehouston would like to thank all the bands, supporters, and friends who played this years Fall Westheimer Block Party 2009. I know we can’t wait to do this all over again – Despite all the hassle with the cops and chronic complainers, no one is going to stop what we’ve started.  Good music is giving breed to new festivals, guerrilla sets, and ambitious artists .- If there is one thing we can taste from this festival, its that we know that Houston is definitely now listening!


    1. I greatly appreciate the opportunity I was given to perform on the IndieHouston stage this weekend.

      I saw that “white knight with a dream” at the show I played later that night @ the Cellar Bar. His rapping was awful. By the end of his set, he whittled the audience down to nothing but the dude-bros and their blond girlfriends.

    2. Great Pics!

      Diego did a good job with the sound actually.

      And yes, the freestyling rapper was so bad and set the bar so low as a performer that, while intolerable, you knew it couldn’t get any worse.

      Kudos guys

    3. Your stage kicked some butt. You know, except for that one dude. Nice job, IH!

    4. Thanks again guys. We had a blast. The P.A. rocked.

    5. Big ups to all the people at that made it happen. i had a hella crunk time and saw tons of dope bands on the stage. gormeh sabzi( im sure i butchered that) was super rad.

    6. thanks for the coverage report, i truly has=d a great experience and even caught some of the great Indie Houston acts


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