The Live Lights

If The Cure had a baby with Radio head and the Killers baby sat, the concoction would parallel to The Live Lights. The Live Lights was formed in 2008 when Adam Khatib and Bryan Higginbotham, who had met years back decided to start up a band. Victor Montemayor and Martin Rios joined the guys shortly after, and instantly began their musical excursion performing in Houston.

Bonded over a shared ambition to rock the foundation of indie-rock music, The Live Lights
posses the unique ability to whip the stage up entirely befitting the beat-driven hearts and soul of indie-rock fans.

The Live Lights have already begun to rattle audiences in the Houston and Texas region with their live performances and unique style. Their dynamic songs are full of dramatic emotion that can be felt from start to finish.

The Live Lights are a four-way operation. Higginbotham writes the lyrics, his vocal style and lyrics individual and uncompromising.

“I would say every song I write pulls from a situation I have gone through in life,” says Higginbotham.

The rest of the music writing duties are shared and accorded by the entire band.

Higginbotham is influenced by artist such as, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Ours and New Order. The other band members are influenced by Radio Head, The Killers and The Beatles.

“A blend of different music backgrounds woven together like your favorite blanket,” says Rios.

The band’s CD release will include a compilation of songs with a modish blend of electronics, angular guitar work, a la mode drumming, and lucid vocals.

Live Lights – Song for Strangers




    1. This is a great band! Can’t wait for the full-length to be out!

    2. These guys “tried” to recycle the Killers and I don’t know what else, but it sure isn’t Radiohead or the Cure. There sound is anything but original. Check out there video for “highs of low” and get ready to laugh your ass off, it is a category 5 cheese fest. These guys will try to make something original for several more years no doubt, but it will never happen with that awful singer.


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