Interview With Little Dragon

So Indiehouston got the chance to have a quick chat with Yukimi Nagano and Fredrick Källgren of Little Dragon. Currently they are on Tour with the Gorillaz in support of the Gorillaz new album Plastic Beaches on which they had two collaborated songs on, “To Binge” and “Empire Ants”.  In studio these guys are working on the follow up to their well receipted  Machine Dreams slated to be out late December early January. I for one am truly excited to see where they go with the new album. If we are lucky we should have them back in Houston Late January early February.

There is the formality now let me get to the actual stuff. These guys were amazing. Not only are they musically talented and I do mean talented but they are truly down to earth folks. Very pleasant to be around. I’ve met several people in the past few years and without naming names I can say that not all of them are joy to be anywhere near but these guys I would love to have a beer with or a 1/5th of whiskey(I’m not a beer drinker). One note I would like to make is that I want to apologize to Yukimi and Fredrick, our city is not the empty concrete jungle that you may have seen surrounding the Toyota Center, its actually a crap load of fun. I hope to show you next time we see you guys. Regardless here is the interview done by Ernesto Soto.

Ernesto Soto (ES): Hey, it’s Ernesto with Indie Houston and I am here with Yukimi and Fredrick of Little Dragon.

So I just want to get a few questions out and first on…. I guess we’ll get the typical question out, how’s the tour going so far, you guys most be rather excited being with the Gorillaz?

Yukimi(Y): yea

Fredrick(F): Definitely it’s been, it’s been kind of a surreal trip, I mean the tour…  was pretty organized, the crowd was huge.

Y: and each of the venues are a step up, a few steps!

E: then from what you might be use to?

Y: Yes (laughter)

F: Yea (Laughter)

Es: That’s great I’m glad its working out for you guys. Where do you guys plan to head next with them?

Y: I think its….next show is…?

F: Dallas

Y: Dallas

ES: Have you guys been to any other cities here in Texas at all?

F: We’ve played in Austin and Dallas before actually…..

Y:  I don’t think we’ve played here ….

F:…, not in Houston.

Y: So yeah, first time here.

ES: Hopefully it won’t be the last one.

Y: Yeah.

Es: I understand you guys just finished up Treasure Island in San Francisco, how did that go?

Y: It was really really cool, it was a great festival. It WAS FREEZING, like just cold winds….to the bone. It was really really nice. We got to see LCD Sound System, we really like them.

F: Yeah and Deadmou5, Four Tet, we go to see Michael Snow….it was a good line up.

ES: Miike snow?

F: Yeah.

ES: Oh wow. Wow that’s great.  Uhm, let’s see, I understand that at some point you guys were kind of heavily influenced by a lot of American r&b artists, are there any that stuck out at that point or any that you guys really connected too?

Y: I think, I mean for me, I guess I was just….i don’t know I had certain songs that I really liked…Faith Evans,  I would like Brandy and stuff like that……i still like them , I like listen to them on my ipod and I think I was very fascinated by the way they sang and, how skilled they were….

ES: Yeah I imagine that was actually you and Eric, right?

Y: Ahh, yeah I mean i think we all had like….i don’t know maybe I was more into the kind of vocal r& b more than the guys…

ES: …..the style.

F: I had a D’angelo album…

Y: Yeah d’angelo I think he’s  good…

F: Yeah I like him…

Y: ….like his latest album think is quite good….

F: Its ten years old… good

Y: Yeah its ten years, I can’t believe it, its crazy!

ES: Yeah some good ones you just can’t put down.

Y: No that’s a classic.

ES: I know that at some point when you guys were still in Gothenburg  in the beginning you guys had to take some odd jobs here and there…and someone was selling strawberries….

Y: That was me (laughter).

ES: That was you (laughter) must’ve been a humbling experience?

Y: Pretty humbling, (Laughter) yea.

ES: Well you do what you do what you gotta do I guess in the beginning…..

Y: Definitely.

ES: You take whatever jobs you can just to get things going….

Y: That’s right.

ES: I understand that you guys have also been working with david, uh svitek?….am I saying that correctly?

F: SiteK?
Y: Sitek, tv on the radio guy?

ES Yeah with Maximum Balloon, is that what it’s called?

Y: yeah

ES: So you guys looking forward to that, how much collaboration are you guys doing with him on that….

F: Its one track on the album.

ES: One track?

F: Yeah

Y: We opened up with Tv On the Radio on their tour of the U.S. and we just became really good  friends with David and kept in contact with him….we usually like stay with him when were in LA and he’s one of our really close friends, and he’s been supporting us from the very beginning. Yeah it just happened quite naturally…

ES: That’s great, it’s good that you guys got such good friends on this side, over here.

Y: Yeah definitely

ES: So this third album, I understand you guys are kind of working on it, putting the finishing touches I imagine….uh, what can we expect?

F: I mean we have a lot of tracks but we haven’t really decided on which ones….

Y: I getting there…

F: Yeah its getting there…but it’s going to be little dragon but I mean it may go somewhere else, it’s the same similar sound or tried tracks, still some pop songs that sort of recording sound…

ES: Good, well were looking forward to it ….im curious like now, in the studio process right now,  were you guys are at, does the little dragon still come out?

Y: (Laughter) I think theres one within ….. all of us (laughter)

ES: ….within all of us (laughter)

K: Exactly

ES: Well thank s for the interview….

Y: Thank you

ES: If theres anything you guys would like to add feel free to….

Y: Yeah well I don’t know exactly where in texas well be playing but well definitely be coming back in January  next year…

ES: In January…Ok…well we will be looking forward to that and once again, little dragon.


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