Spend New Years Eve with War Paint, Girl in a Coma and UME

New Years is promising to be a very explosive time this year. With so much to do, so many  people to see and so many places to go, how do you decide? Well, Ill tell you how. Just take my  advise and go to the Pease Out New Year’s show at Groundhall. You get to catch WARPAINT  (aka  one of my favorites), Girl In A Coma (I missed them when they were here last), and UME. Not to  mention the countless of already amazing local acts like the Ton Tons, and Tax the Wolf.

I know, i know….””but we gotta eat and this and that” well get there early and you get free dinner  and drinks. This is the part i am most excited about…. a mechanical bull riding contest…. come  on, how often do you see that? I don’t think I have ever seen it other than on t.v. I for on am  stoked about it. So, join me in ringing in the New Year with slurred speech a stumbled walk and a  crap load of good friends. RSVP here to this event.

Before I forget win some tickets on Indiehouston’s Facebook page right now.


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