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P.L.X.T.X Heads to Japan with Giant Battle Monster

Bradley Munoz, a Houstonian musician who you might know from the band Female Demand, has started his new project – the minimalist echo-scream, electronic synth-based aliens, P.L.X.T.X.

P.L.X.T.X (pronounced “pluto”) is set to go on tour with Giant Battle Monster in Japan this July!

2013 07 12 // Sengoku Daitouryou // OSAKA

2013 07 13 // Bar Anarchy // OSAKA
2013 07 14 // Bar Safari // OSAKA
2013 07 15 // Hokage // OSAKA
2013 07 16 // FEVER // TOKYO
2013 07 17 // Yotsuya Outbreak // TOKYO
2013 07 18 // 2000V // TOKYO
2013 07 20 // Kunitachi Chikyuuya // TOKYO
Watch P.L.X.T.X and Wolf Bush’s new video for ‘War’



MOLLY MIGHT DIE Comic #01 by Devin Finch



DiverseWorks Art Gallery

DiverseWorks is a non-profit art center dedicated to presenting new visual, performing, and literary art. DiverseWorks is a place where the process of creating art is valued and where artists can test new ideas in the public arena. By encouraging the investigation of current artistic, cultural and social issues, DiverseWorks builds, educates, and sustains audiences for contemporary art.

DiverseWorks is one of the leading contemporary art centers in the United States. Known for its groundbreaking artistic education programs and distinguished by its financial stability, DiverseWorks serves as an open venue for artists, a training ground for future arts administrators and a model for arts centers across the country. DiverseWorks remains notable for its commitment to artists who are exploring inventive and successful earned-income ventures. DiverseWorks serves as a crucible for artistic exploration and audience development. DiverseWorks’ activities are supported by an active Board of Directors and Artist Board and an involved corps of members, audience supporters, students and volunteers.


1117 E. Freeway
Houston, Texas 77002


Cai’s Odyssey Houston Gun Powder Art Event in Houston, Texas

Cai’s Oddysey most explosive event will take place Oct. 6 when Chinese gunpowder expert Cai Guo-Qiang creates a unique work of art for the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston’s Arts of China Galleryin a local warehouse. We stopped in for day one where the artists was doing a series of test preps for the big show. Check out what the artists has to say here.(there is an interpreter that will help)

Tickets to the live Houston lighting and explosive creation finale have long been sold out.
But if you want to watch the ignition while it happens — from a safe distance — head to Saint Arnold Brewing Company Wednesday evening for a viewing party of the event.The party starts at 6 p.m. and the first 100 people to show up get in free courtesy of the MFAH. The rest pay $7 for Saint Arnold’s beer, Soma Sushi and Sprinkles cupcakes.


Brooker-Lowe Gallery

The Brooker-Lowe Gallery is one of a kind in Houston, representing specifically Aboriginal artists.  The Brooker-Lowe Gallery has exhibitions for Aboriginal artists from all areas of the globe, some remote, and some no longer.  Visit the website of the Brooker-Lowe Gallery.



Stick Em Up Movie

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