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18 Hands Gallery

The 18 Hands Gallery, located in the Heights, was founded by a group of ceramic artists who had a common background of education and non-profit work.  This group organized to provide a more convenient platform for artists of the same medium to come together and share their art.  Visit the website of the 18 Hands Gallery.


Rice University Art Gallery

The Rice University Art Gallery is located in the Museum District.  The gallery was founded in 1995 and has almost 40,000 visitors per year.  Visit the website of the Rice University Art Gallery.


Nolan-Rankin Galleries

The Nolan-Rankin Galleries exhibit contemporary French art.  They have been doing so for over 25 years.  The range of artists they represent is extensive.  Visit the website of the Nolan-Rankin Galleries.


Gallery Sonja Roesch

The Gallery Sonja Roesch was founded in Germany in 1991 by Sonja Roesch.  In 1996, she moved to Houston, and relocated the gallery with her.  The gallery works with international artists.  Visit the website of Gallery Sonja Roesch.


Caroline Collective

The Caroline Collective is a co-working space founded by Matthew Wettergreen and Ned Dodington in 2008.  The collective is a co-working space that leases office spaces, as well as a gallery space.  It also serves as a community hub for a wide variety of events.  It has a focus on the intersection of arts, technology, and community.  Visit the website of the Caroline Collective.



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