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Houston Whatever Fest 2017 Recap


Houston, TX, April 2017 – Let’s run through it. A year and a half later, we witnessed (of some sort) the third installment of Houston’s own, Whatever Fest. This “grassroots” festival was a trip, no doubt. From show delays to an entire venue shift due to… rain(?), these two days proved to be something else. One thing is for sure, H-Town still knows how to have a good time and artists have taken note. Despite the circumstances, Houstonians could not have felt more at home.

Here are some stand-out acts from the weekend:

Walker Lukens- Post Dr. Dog era, Walker Lukens sure kicked off Whatever Fest right.  Regardless of his Austin background, a green jumpsuit and high kicks shook the Modelo Stage early Saturday afternoon. This electric performance drew similarities to that of the The Black Keys and Spoon.

T2 the Ghetto Hippie- This man exemplifies Hustle Town Hip-Hop. Performing under ‘Houston Next’, this south side rapper shows promise in the scene. GH’s tracks, “Double Cups and Taco Trucks” and “Hustle Town” showcase his love for the H and his upbringing. His 15 minutes on stage were not enough to truly encapsulate this city driven talent.

Check out these HWF comics:

Ashton Womack

Ray Connelly


Houston TV Show Pilot “Paying Dues”


By: Aneisha Hughes

HOUSTON, TX, January 1, 2016 – You think you have it all figured out, until you are forced to climb your way from the bottom to the top, and start Paying Your Dues!

Ron Vanberun (Rico Edwards), Harmony Torres (Alexis B. Santiago), Logan Anderson (Chris Moore), Hunter Thomas (Gannon Miller), and Claire Nguyen (ShanShan Jin), are five millennials struggling to flourish into their ideal crafts.

Circulating film festivals in 2016, audiences everywhere will get a glimpse into the lives of these five individuals fighting their way to the peak in the entertainment world (that’s finally diversifying). With this dope and new eye-opening television series, directed by Rico Edwards, viewers everywhere will experience how fantasyland quickly disappears while reality sets in.

Like most young adults in college, each cast member anticipated having it all: college degree, loyal spouse, family time, nightlife grooves, fancy cars, luxury homes and most of all rewarding non-traditional careers. Although they’ve completed four years and earned a college degree, they soon get hit hard with the truth. Not only have they accrued plentiful debt to last a lifetime, but they each also have their own personal struggles that they never expected. So, how do they chase after The American Dream and make it a reality? They have ambitions and goals that can wrap around the globe; however, you’ll have to watch and see where it leads them.

With the population having 0.8% actors, 0.4% producers and directors, 0.5% dancers and choreographers, and 1.9% musicians and singers, according to , it’s no wonder that this diverse group of friends endure social issues in today’s society, but fight to overcome struggles of stagnant career holds, drug addictions, rape cases, loss of faith in the system, the –isms (racism and sexism), and overbearing parents.

With challenges everyone can relate to, you will be on the edge of your seat when you see how these diverse friends are Paying their Dues throughout their creative fields in the multicultural city of Houston, TX.

IMG 4811 1  Revised

Budding creator, director and producer, Rico Edwards, sheds light on relatable post-college life struggles with his new hit show, Paying Dues. “ I wanted to create a show where it shows the diversity in America while touching on the struggles that millennials face.” -Rico Edwards “Paying Dues” Director

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neilTake your Halloween weekend to the next level with an additional show designed specifically for this ghostly celebration. WeRaveHard and Social Nite Life have partnered up to bring you a Bass Invasion that will have you running for the hills. Bass Invasion: Day of the Dead will be November 1st from 9pm-2am at 5002 Washington St. to keep you going all Halloween weekend. The venue will be decked out in Day of the Dead decor. Costumes are welcomed as we celebrate one of the year’s most spooky nights.

Performers include Vegas Banger from Caked Up, Seb & Valko, Psychetronix, and Jacob Stogner. We’re going to kick this event off with special effects including confetti blasters, CO2 blasters, fog machines, champagne showers, professional lighting, and much more. Gogo dancers and other artists will be there to put you in the haunting mood.

Tickets will be available at There will be a limited amount of RSVP tickets, so get em while they’re here. GA tickets will be $10 pre-show and $20 at the door. 18+, doors open at 9pm.

Come celebrate the scariest weekend to date with our Day of the Dead show packed with unlimited bass.


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Palace Winter – Menton



In June Danish-Australian duo Palace Winter released the first single from their forthcoming EP Medication. The track “Time Machine” had a great run on taste-masker sites across Europe over the summer and the band has played select shows since then, for example as support for Jacco Gardner and Woods.

Now the band is ready with the 2nd single, it’s called “Menton” and it’s an uptempo alternative rock-track with a terrific synth-theme that’s hard to sit still to.

The title “Menton” is also the name of a French town where Carl Coleman (one half of Palace Winter), stayed in the summer of 2014 at the hotel Winter Palace, which also inspired the band name.


Listen to Palace Winter’s 2nd single “Menton” here: 
“Ambitious and engrossing, this stands tall as a further statement of intent from the genre spanning talent of one of Denmark’s rising stars” GoldFlakePaint

ACL Interviews: Melanie Martinez

At just 19, Melanie Martinez has used every ounce of her budding creativity and sharp eye for aesthetic appeal. Her distinctive look and spell-binding voice made her a semi-finalist on season 3 of The Voice at 16 years old, captured the attention of American Horror Story execs, and recently got her a record contract with Atlantic Records. She just released the music video for the eerie and haunting “Carousel,” and dressed in a fluffy pastel bunny outfit, Melanie sat down with us last weekend at Austin City Limits Music Festival to discuss her upcoming LP Crybaby, her song being featured in the American Horror Story: Freakshow trailer, and what she learned from being on The Voice.

How do you like ACL so far?

It’s really cool. It’s so exciting watching artists I like and just seeing people have a good time and dance and stuff.

What artists have you seen, or who are you most excited to see?

I saw Eminem! I love him. I also saw Lana Del Rey, Major Lazer, and Iggy Azalea. My friend actually dances for Major Lazer.

You were on The Voice when you were 16. Why did you choose The Voice over, say, American Idol, and what were some of the most important things you learned in the process?

I wasn’t really doing anything besides writing songs in my bathroom at the time, and I didn’t really play any shows. So I went out on a limb and saw this ad online for The Voice and thought “why not?” So, I went to the open call at Javits Center, and I just kept getting further and further. I actually auditioned for American Idol when I was 15, but I didn’t make it anywhere. It’s not something that I really wanted to do, it was just something that I did because I had nothing to lose. There was nothing else to do in Long Island.

The biggest thing I learned was just how to perform under pressure week-to-week on live television. I think that awesome to go through before actually starting your career because now when you eventually get on TV again, it’ll be easier. It’s definitely like a boot camp. You go under lots of stress and stuff, so now I feel like I can handle stress a lot easier. It was definitely a huge learning experience for me, and I’m happy to be doing what I’m doing now.

You recently got signed to Atlantic Records (congrats) after you had been releasing material independently. What is the process like after you get off The Voice? How does that all work?

After I got off The Voice, I just started playing shows and kept working at it and writing. Then I got a publishing deal with Warner and just started writing a lot. Then I came out with my single “Dollhouse,” and then earlier this year Atlantic signed me. Now I’m finishing up my album, and it’s going to be released beginning of next year. It has been really fun and definitely an interesting process. Most of it has just been me playing live and preparing myself for playing shows later on.

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