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The Dead Revolt: The Substance of Things Not Seen

Recently I was given a CD for review…. The Dead Revolt. They just released their  EP The Substance Of Things Not Seen. I told them I would review it. I first wanna mention that I do all of this for no pay. I work a normal job like everyone else, I make enough to get by and to go to school. I don’t have hours everyday to dedicate to doing this, though I really wish I did. I do sometimes get really backed up with things to do, like most people, so you gotta be patient. Blowing people off is not something I tend to do. But seriously, BE PATIENT! That is the important part, letting me know that you don’t wanna waste a cd if it is not reviewed is not really the way to go. Don’t always expect that because you send an album in that it WILL be reviewed. Thats just not how it works. There are so many bands here in Houston and in Texas, places like Indiehouston, Space City Rocks, Houston Press and Free Press get many many submissions in and I’m sure much like I do they try to be fair, professional and prompt but again not always possible.  So without further ado…..

Lets begin by the over all sound of The Dead Revolt. Obvious Mars Volta Influence, a tinge of Pink Floyd. But overall rough. Personally it is not very tight and needs a bit more work. “A” for effort and for amazing guitar licks but the overall the sound just needs more time to develop. It still doesn’t weave together the way it could, which is a problem amongst many new bands. Thats not to say I dislike the entire album. It does have its good points for example Vulpecula/ Lunar Mare. Thats really what I believe the entire aim of the album should be. This is a sound that can define The Dead Revolt. It perfectly mates the vocals (which in some songs over bearing) with the guitar which is truly the high point of the song as it tears from one extreme of sitting on your couch smoking a joint to the other of running for your life. Look Guys, you have a great beginning, give it time stay diligent and don’t be deterred by people like myself that may not be the biggest fans.

The Dead Revolt – Vulpecula/ Lunar Mare


Feather Face: It Comes Electric EP release

Out of nowhere these guys came out with an album that is honestly undeniably one of the best albums of the year. Am I exaggerating?  NO! Feather Face is Steve Wells, Kenny Hopkins, Jake Harris and Travis Peck and together these guys from a storage room somewhere in Houston have recorded, produced and released an album that captures that sound that so many are looking to achieve. This is there second  EP but already has set the bar high for what we can expect from theses guys.

It Comes Electric strikingly begins with a soft build. Sneaky and winding right into a burst of chaos just enough to keep you on your toes.  By far though, the song that caught my attention the most was Youthful Offender.  A layering of keys a snarky guitar riff , vocals just a step below perfect giving it a rough edge taunting you to listen as they break into a spastic foot stomping hook. Its hard to just comment on a single song as I like everyone on this album but I will leave you with one more, Foxing. It is the kind of song you would listen to on those songs that are listened to on rainy Houston days as you know your plans to go to zoo or beach are ruined and you are stuck indoors. A bit Radiohead like but still stands on its own two feet delivering a uniqueness that Feather Face has seemed to instilled in this entire album. The only issue I had with this album is it was a bit choppy on the transitions. Some songs hit a bit harder than you expected as I went from one track to the next but well done.

These guys are scheduled to release the album this Saturday at Fitz. I for one am excited to see these guys for the first time. I hope their live performance can live up to the expectations their new album has left me with. Good job guys. I look forward to what you guys have to come.

Feather Face – Youthful Offender (The Men We Will Be)

Feather Face – Foxing


And They’re back…… Mathlete’s New EP

I remember a clumsy awkward man on stage, guitar in hand, belching lyrics of strange and yet familiar love and hopes that were never quite reached. This was a few years ago and that man was Joe Mathlete front man and driving force behind the Mathletes. (Think Freaks and Geeks) Well Joe has become one of our good friends but it all began as us being one huge fan of his. Over the years i have caught many of his performances and seen him play in our home, so yeah it was a little disappointing to hear that there would be no more Mathletes. Kinda took me by surprise. Thank God Joe is a FILTHY LIAR!! The Mathletes are back and have just released a new EP and have pending a full release next year.

London Calling XP is exactly what we hoped to hear, atleast I did. Wrapped in this album are some songs I don’t think he has ever put down in an album but has played live. (I hate Math) Im glad to hear that his extensive catalog is finally making onto an album. For of those of you who may have never heard The Mathletes, they are what you can call nerds who learned to play instruments, and  I say that in the most complimentary and endearing way, who seem to always know how to say what you feel or think(“My favorite pop songs are not that popular and if they ever where now they are just cliches”). Welcome back guys. Can’t wait for the next album.

The Mathletes – I hate Math
The Mathletes – Hey There 21st Century!

Download the Free Ep here


A look at The LiteraryGreats’ “Ocean, Meet The Valley”

I’m always amazed at the giant selection of music houston has to offer. I get albums sent t o  me pretty regularly and don’t always get the chance to listen  to t hem all or even write much about any of them and frankly not all are something to write about. Some lack luster or that thing that makes something memorable. On that note I want to  introduce an album that surely did not lack luster, something that caught my ear on first listen. The Literary Greats have been Playing the Houston scene now for a few years and they are now on their sophomore album “Ocean, Meet The Valley”.

The Literary Greats (catchy name) have delivered what I believe to be  a true and pure Texan sound. Country- tinged  guitars on top of which sits lovely vocal harmonies between Elam and Lee. Somewhere between the the brash country styles of the Old 97’s and the soothing rythmic melodies of Austin’s own Okkervil River sits  “Ocean, Meet The Valley” . The keys lay the foundation for the opening song, The Mountain Yonder, as it builds from a softly pressed melody to the dirty grungy riffs that foreshadow what is to come.  Pick up the album the first chance you get it is worth listening to.

Catch these guys as they open For Buxton Friday july16 at Walters.

The Diamond Center: My Only Companion

June 9th the Diamond center released their 2nd album “My Only Companion”. Upon first listen my initial thoughts were”…. hmmmm…… Damn this is good” and not the they sent me a free  album so I gotta be nice kinda good but the this is something I am gonna put on my thumb drive and plug into my car stereo good. I truly want my friends to hear this, it has everything I love. These are the guys that shoulda played with Holly Golightly a few weeks back. The off kilter sounds of My only Companion can be best described as a experimental and psychedelic alt country with a splash of surf  all enhanced by a voice that both soothes and creeps you out simultaneously. (my best one sentence description)

The Diamond Center was a project started by Brandi Price and Kyle Harris in Athens, Georgia and has now expanded adding two more members including Price’s sister, Jana Price and  Alan Brown. Relocating to Lubbock, Texas and then on  to their current home Richmond, Virginia the Diamond Center is currently on tour supporting the release The Diamond Center is set to play Walter’s June 15th.  Here are two of my favorite songs from this release:

The Diamond Center – Dos Fridas

The Diamond Center – The Deer Pistol


The Diamond Center

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