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Ellypseas: Indescribable Colours

Ellypseas’ Indescribable Colours is set to release tonight at Dean’s but I was sent an advance copy. I’ve been a bit busy and it has taken me a while to get around to listening to it but I’m glad I did.

Indescribable Colours is gritty, live recordings laced together giving it a raw feeling which plays very well with the eclectic sound these guys have developed. A fusion of soul, jazz, progressive rock and experimental music, Indescribable Colours begins with a chaotic unorganized melody which gives way to a very clean pristine chiming of the guitar as Lizzo lets loose her very powerful vocals. (track 1: Ghosts) But wait, it isn’t till you reach Coffe Grinds that you can truly appreciate these guys. Mind you it is a 12 minute song which is long by any standards but never did it cease to impress me.  Coffee Grinds builds up layer by layer and with each new layer adding a new calm to the mood the song has already set. I’m gonna be honest, my favorite part of this song has to be the flute solo… COME ON…. how often is it that you hear a flute solo anymore? Not since the days of Jethro Tull has a flute been jammed so thoroughly but you know what I love it I really did that with the wailing guitar just made my day.

Get out, check these guys out and if you feel so inclined to pick up the album you wont be disappointed I can see good things coming from these guys in the future.

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5/14 Minus the Bear at House of Blues

Minus the Bear, innovators of what is commonly known as “Math Rock” have just released their fourth full length album OMNI and to no surprise it does not disappoint.  While not over reaching from their roots of delicate balance between brainy instrumentation and accessible hooks OMNI is an album that clearly has given each one of the bears room to stretch their musical legs. As Knudson’s evolution into tighter heavier riffs has surely ushered the way to the bands most explosive album to date.

Minus the Bear is currently on tour and will be making a stop at House of Blues so be sure to catch them. Tickets can be purchased here.

You can purchase your copy of Minus the Bear’s OMNI on here on Itunes.


Artstorm Records Makes Grooving Good This Summer

ArtStorm Records Makes Grooving Good This Summer

3001 ArtStorm Records Makes Grooving Good This Summer

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ArtStorm Records has released a 500ct CD-R release with new tracks home recorded . An impressive lineup of a CD to run into while looking for the remote at 5am, but easily the first thing to play to end/start the morning. I was definitely excited to hear rare unreleased recordings of some my favored bands to blowup this Summer of 2009. Two tracks released by each Houston artists with just about a day of time spent in a cabin  studio on two cross streets somewhere in the warehouse district. Ripening artists and out of the box Creatives are making listeners across the state’s feel the Texas Summer Sun. It is shining in Houston and we here are happy to see what interesting developments are underway.

1. Roky Moon and BOLT – Hot Saturday Night

2. Roky Moon and BOLT – Five Dollar Fame

3. ListenListen-I Can Be Mean

4. ListenListen – Ghost

5. News on the March – Moving Pictures

6. News on the March – Whisky 3

7. The Mathletes – Catalogue the Clouds

8. The Mathletes- I hate math

9. Elaine Greer – Bridges

10. Elaine Greer – Predisposed

11. The Brood – The Lucky One

12. The Brood – David

13. Alpaca-The Agreement

14. Alpaca – A Song for Sebastian

15. Giant Princess- I’m going to Live and You’re going to Die

16. Giant Princess – Ten Thousand Arrowheads

17. Buxton – Jackalope

18. Buxton – Doctor


Sings Sang Songs in a Bubble? + Sings Self-titled Solo LP Review


MP3: SINGS :: You’re

Each CD case for Sings’ self-titled LP was glue-gunned together with scraps of yarn, poker cards and sandpaper by Brett Taylor (former guitarist of By the End of Tonight). The music inside is similarly delicate, personal, and purposefully shabby. Against a rich background of creaking, scraping, and ratcheting noises, Taylor accompanies himself on guitar and drums, and sings lullabies with all the raw loneliness of Leonard Cohen. The most haunting track, “House,” tells the story of Taylor’s grandmother’s death and offers up a prayer for all the old men like his grandfather who are left utterly alone in the world. It’s a hopeless prayer, though, as Taylor concludes, “Well the Lord, I believe he exists. Just not in Texas.” “290 East,” which is about imagining yourself dying in a fiery car wreck, and “Grass,” which offers Astroturf as a symbol of everything that’s wrong with the world, reveal Taylor’s (comparatively) lighter side and sense of humor. Like Nine Inch Nails at their best, “Panic Pig” and “You’re” blend real noises—alarm clocks, clinking juice glasses, and a fingernail scraping the ridges on a plastic ruler—with distortion to create an honesty that saves Sings from sounding too “Garageband-y” (that pitfall of one-man-bands).Sings is pretty, like a rainbow in a puddle of gasoline is pretty. It’s the perfect album for curling up with your mom’s ashes.

Quick Updates: Heart Throb, Brett Taylor’s band Sings now includes a full entourage of familiar faces with members from the Piano Vines and Buxton!

Sings will be playing with B L A C K I E and I am Mesmer on June 25th at Mango’s

Video by Christopher Patterson

Review by Simone Kern



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