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Exclusive: Junip @ Fitz

So I got the chance to catch Junip Friday night. I’ve been listening to these guys for a bit now but their album does not do them justice, they are spectacular live. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I got there. I mean, album is very relaxing,  a very mellow listen and as most know those shows can honestly go either way. I was more than exciting to know that these guys are true performers. A xylophone solo?.. COME ON!! Thats bad ass. Needless to say if I these guys come back to town I will surely be there and for of those who were not there this time I seriously recommend you not miss it. Enjoy the video I caught of them this past Friday night.


IndieHouston Goes to Fitzgerald’s to see Freelance Whales

Freelance Whales performed at Fitzgerald's on Nov. 10, 2010

NOV. 16, 2010

Last Wednesday I went to Fitzgerald’s one of Houston’s oldest and finest venues for two reasons: to experience Freelance Whales – a band that has received much media coverage over the past year; and, of course, to see Grandfather Child with Robert Ellis & the Boys perform the songs that have made both bands local legends.

Based in Queens, N.Y., Freelance Whales is comprised of 5 people all of which are multi-instrumentalists. The muted drums, harmonium, banjo, & xylophone were all nice touches and I believe is the main factor that sets this band apart from others. Their synthisized tones and vocals, though, reminded me of The Anniversary, which, if you haven’t heard of before – I highly recommend. Although Freelance Whales reminded me of one of my favorite groups, their energy simply wasn’t present – it seemed to me as if they were deflated or perhaps exhausted from the tour. Even the audience, despite cheering and yelling requests for Broken Horse and The Great Estates, also seemed unenthused and didn’t really dance. I say that with the caveat that Houston audiences generally seem unenthused and don’t dance (tsk tsk).

I understand this isn’t a band that you’re going to rock out too – they are much more mellow – the type of band you listen to on a rainy day. Their sound is so soft and sublte, the build ups they had were nice but still anti-climactic. Maybe that’s what they’re going for, but I think you can still be a somber band and put on a great live performance that leaves the crowd pumped and talking about what a great experience it was. In fact when the show was over, and as I walked with the crowd down the stairs, I really didn’t hear much banter about the show. People didn’t linger, they just left Fitz – don’t they know Robert Ellis & the Boys are playing?!?! Seriously, if you haven’t seen them or Grandfather Child you’re missing out.
I asked a couple of people in the crowd what they thought of Freelance Whales, here are their responses:
Nathan like Freelance Whales because of their “thriving 4/4 rhythm and airy melodic tunes”
Austin came to the show because he “heard one song [online] and there wasn’t shit to do on Wednesday night.”

Iris Weeden


And They’re back…… Mathlete’s New EP

I remember a clumsy awkward man on stage, guitar in hand, belching lyrics of strange and yet familiar love and hopes that were never quite reached. This was a few years ago and that man was Joe Mathlete front man and driving force behind the Mathletes. (Think Freaks and Geeks) Well Joe has become one of our good friends but it all began as us being one huge fan of his. Over the years i have caught many of his performances and seen him play in our home, so yeah it was a little disappointing to hear that there would be no more Mathletes. Kinda took me by surprise. Thank God Joe is a FILTHY LIAR!! The Mathletes are back and have just released a new EP and have pending a full release next year.

London Calling XP is exactly what we hoped to hear, atleast I did. Wrapped in this album are some songs I don’t think he has ever put down in an album but has played live. (I hate Math) Im glad to hear that his extensive catalog is finally making onto an album. For of those of you who may have never heard The Mathletes, they are what you can call nerds who learned to play instruments, and  I say that in the most complimentary and endearing way, who seem to always know how to say what you feel or think(“My favorite pop songs are not that popular and if they ever where now they are just cliches”). Welcome back guys. Can’t wait for the next album.

The Mathletes – I hate Math
The Mathletes – Hey There 21st Century!

Download the Free Ep here


Neon Indian Live

Neon Indian playing live at Groundhall was a lot of fun. They renovated the old engine room and made it look a lot classier. The artists mentioned that it was weird that he never played in Houston, despite growing up only a few hours away in San Antonio.

I liked Neon Indians record Physchic Chasms and of course heard a lot of the hype/ buzz whatever you want call it. You know that feeling you get when you are going to watch a movie and everyone tells you its going to be awesome and then you feel really skeptical and it can ruin the whole damn experience. This show was nothing like that. I danced, I mean i freaking danced my soul out and I don’t dance. I could write a thousand words and hopefully someone does, but i’d rather just share this video and a picture of Frank –someone who says things like,” I usually get a lot of drinks bought for me, but not today, except from this one Guy.”



B L A C K I E at Warehouse Live -This was a comment left that deserves to be a post

Ok, so let me clarify this a bit. This was a comment we received for one of our posts. I decided that this truly was too good to let go as just a comment and deserved to be posted up for all to read. This is an honest opinion from a guy (Nathan) who was at a show last night. This is exactly what people need to see and know. I hope Nathan can encourage anyone to send us their honest opinion from time to time.

The punkest rapper in Houston

– Nathan of  Warehouse Live

I went into work this morning at Warehouse Live, expecting the usual – setting up and sitting through mediocre bands for a a shit wage and for the most part I was right. They had 7 shitty, completely generic bands battling in a competition where the winner gets to go play some jerk-off national music festival in Tennessee. Halfway through the day, after the all the bands had got there and unloaded their gear, this beat up old car pulls up outside the back door. The backseat had been gutted out to fit a huge raggedy-ass looking speaker box and an amp. This weird looking black dude with a fly ass fro steps out and scopes the place out. Being my job to help him unload his crap in some corner backstage, I introduced myself and helped him drag the speaker cab out of his back seat, and I asked him what band he was with and he said he wasn’t with any of the bands, he was going onstage after the battle of the bands was over and before they announced the winner. I queried, and he said his name was B L A C K I E (all caps with spaces) and he played hardcore rap. Fuck, I thought to myself, this day just got even worse. If you can’t tell, my taste in music is pretty close-minded and narrowed down to anarcho-punk rock and some grind and some metal. I hate rap and I was sure I would hate this guy. He looked funny, he was socially awkward and didn’t articulate when he spoke (which wasn’t often) and he was a rapper.

Fast forward to the end of the night. The last band just got done playing their generic radio rock bullshit, and I started packing up equipment and coiling up cables on the stage. B L A C K I E drags his speaker box up on the stage, hooks it in to his amp and plugs up a little beatbox that he had recorded some of his beats onto. Turns it on, grabs a mic…then jumps right off the stage and starts spitting some serious fucking antiestablishment lyrics with perfect articulation. Within seconds the first circle pit of the night – hell, the first even attempted moshing of the night – is formed around him. He starts just going right the fuck off, moshing with the crowd…the energy was fucking incredible. I could not describe to you in a way that would not sound retarded the way he just totally puts his entire heart and soul into his performance. But he did and it wasn’t retarded. It was fucking amazing. After standing there on the stage for a while, just totally dumb struck and mesmerized by this guy, I jumped down into the mosh pit, which had definintely picked up – even the chicks were moshing. Hard, too. It more than made up for having to sit through all of the shitty bands before him. My appreciation for this man’s music shocked me, and I felt like all of a sudden my worldview was revolutionized. I realize now that it doesn’t matter what genre of music (if any exists to describe what I experienced tonight) you play, as long as you play it for the right reasons, it is still something to be respected and B L A C K I E has my utmost respect. The man is totally DIY (I found out later he even built that speaker cab himself with parts he got off ebay), and speaks truths that spread intelligence. He becomes one with the crowd in a way that I’ve never seen and just rips everybody’s face right the fuck off. He’s the punkest motherfucker I’ve ever met, and he’s not even a punk. His music is something that is truly his own, and I know that nobody will ever take it from him.


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