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The Young Mammals live on KTRU

Young Mammals :: Mosquito Bot : KTRU Live
This is an exclusive from the KTRU local show with Ian Wells.  He dropped by the Indie Houston House recently to offer sound engineering assistance for the upcoming SXSW Indie Houston Showcase on March 20 and this is what we ended up listening to, among others.  Listen to KTRU 91.7 for more local music on Tuesday from 8:00-10:00p.m. and Friday 6:00-7:00.m.  Go to their CD release.


Houston’s Young Mammals gear up for their CD Release and SXSW

The Young Mammals prepare for their upcoming CD Release this Saturday February 28, 2009 at the Aerosol Warfare House with Woozyhelmet and Buxton. What’s even better news than the fact that their long awaited CD is being released this weekend is that they plan to turn all profits from the show towards a shiny full length Vinyl record. They started things off this week with a spot on 91.7’s Local Show and now they are amazing us all with some brand new tracks. It is a good week for music in Houston. We are looking forward to it!
Young Mammals :: Confetti
Young Mammals :: 8 4 8

Young Mammals will be playing their official SXSW showcase Wednesday, March 18th, 8:00 p.m. at Spiro’s (615 Red River St)

They will also be playing our Austin Day Party during SXSW on March 20th, 2009 at 6:55pm. Click Here for up to date information about our March 20th show.


Wild Moccasins go Wild on Sound guy at St. Thomas

SXSW Wild Moccasins run a muck on sound guy at st. thomas

The Wild Moccasins :: My Favorite Die
The Wild Moccasins :: Mailman
Earlier today the innocent Wild Moccasins showed their true colors to a sound guy just trying to do his job. During a live performance the gang of rock stars went wild destroying rented equipment during their performance at the University of St. Thomas. The sound guy even had to shut down the show after screaming, “Cut it out guys, don’t ever do that again… SERIOUSLY!” No charges were filed against any of the members, but one thing is for sure -The band is feeling the hype of their deserved success and it will definitely be exciting to see where their cut throat shows take them next.

The Wild Moccasins SXSW showcase has been announced! They will be playing their official SXSW showcase Thursday, March 19th,7pm at BD Riley’s (204 E 6th St.)

They will also be headlining SXSW Day Party at 6pm on March 20th. Click Here for up to date information about the March 20th show.


Sign of a good show…..

The Police show up four times and shut you down. We just wanna thank everyone who came out and wished our Simone a happy birthday. We hope you guys had a great time despite the early demise of the party due to “noise complaint”. What noise?! All I heard were sweet sweet jams. Thank you Giant Battle Monster, Muhammid Ali, Tax The Wolf, The Ton Tons and Giant Princess. Next time we will invite this guy.


Come Celebrate With US…

Come have a great time. It’s Indiehouston’s very own Simone’s birthday and the welcome back of our dear friend and Time Machine Veteran member Ike. As per usual we have an amazing line up for you guys. We will provide some beer but that will eventually run dry so be sure to bring some more. Lets not forget that this show is free!! So bring your friends, bring your mom, hell, bring your friend’s mom. Oh and don’t forget to wish Simone a Happy Birthday!

Muhhamid Ali
The Tontons
Giant Battle Monster
Tax The Wolf

flyer by: Amy Barron



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