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FUnWunce Series at Mango’s July 29th FREE SHOW

Funwunce presents “Visioneers”
The new film starring Zach Galifianakis
trailer :

Movie starts at 8:30. After Show feat. Somosuno + Young Mammals ALL FREE!

Give-Aways, Drink specials all night, Limited edition Zach Galifianakis Hand screened shirts available

Organized and Hosted by Mark Armes and Shelby Hohl (Funwunce)


ST37, Linus Pauling Quartet, and Giant Princess At Rudyards Saturday, August 1st 2009


poster by Lindsey Simard

ST-37 Austin Texas Psych legends in their first tour in 5 years
ST 37, long-running specialists in bubbling-mercury riffage and German-flavored trance rock… – David Fricke (Rolling Stone)

These Texas astronauts stuff their hash pipes to the brim and pay homage to Can, Amon Duul and Chrome…their psychedelicatessen of originals is stocked with brain-melting skree…- Fred Mills (Magnet)

From the moment the credits open, the band launches into a continuously evolving and strangely beautiful ethereal drone lasting the duration of the 1926 silent film classic. (from a review of ST 37’s soundtrack to Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”) – Michael Bertin (Austin Chronicle)

..paint-blistering guitar and some elegant phased bass work poised atop droning vocal splendor… – Phil McMullen (Ptolemaic Terrascope)

Twistedly psychedelic and swirling in a cyclonic stew…one of the most infectiously woven slabs of noise- as- music released since the 60s drug boom. – Andrea ‘Enthal (Alternative Press)

Linus Pauling Quartet- The Houston Psych Rock/Stoner Rock band that will not die!
“…possibly the most enigmatic yet bombastic rock band to emerge out of Texas in the last 10 years.” – The Broken Face (Sweden)
“subscribe to the notion that if you throw a buncha sonic goop into a blender and hit the “puree” button, strange chemistry ensues…Add mushrooms and L.S.D. as necessary. No assembly required.”
Harp Magazine (USA)

“A large red sticker proclaiming WEIRD ALERT could not make things plainer.”- Q Magazine (UK)

“a core point about the Linus Pauling Quartet isn’t merely that they’re a great psych band, but a great band period, able to embrace a lot of styles and moods and work them well.” – All Music Guide

“Nine Minutes in and, yes, Woody, we have achieved Heviosity” Foxy Digitalis(USA)

Giant Princess – Houston Indie Rock Gods

Giant Princess is my favorite band in Houston. Hands down. I think I probably like them more than they do. ” 29-95
“ a Rock ‘n’ Roll tent revival.” – Free Press Houston

“You guys are scary live.” -Ruth


Interviews: Giant Battle Monster

giant battle monster Giant Battle Monster

Giant Battle Monster photos and interviews by Joe Ortiz

Why do I like Giant Battle Monster? Because their music is nuts. Imagine Godzilla on guitar, Gamara on bass, and Mothra on drums. Now picture their music crushing your city. They are one of the few bands that have made me forget to take pictures at a show because I was too wrapped up in the music. In less than a year they’ve played the Westheimer Block Party twice, two Recession Thursday shows at Numbers, multiple shows at Fitgerald’s and White Swan, they’ve played live on KTRU, appeared at VFWs, bowling alleys, parties, parks, recorded an E.P. and ended the year with a two week west coast tour. Did I mention they’ve accomplished all that in less then a year?

Armed only with a camera and a handheld tape recorder, I met up with Chris Gerhardt, Chris Dunaway, and Andrew Schmidt in the music hall of Texas City’s College of the Mainland to discuss the past, present, and future of Giant Battle Monster.

Giant Battle Monster :: Avoiding Fornicationy

Giant Battle Monster :: Automaton Charlotte The Intergalactic Harlot

IHFirst of all, how long have you guys been playing as a band?

Dunaway: Um, what like eight?
Schmidt: About eight months.
Dunaway: Eight months maybe?
Gerhardt: At the most.

l 4456955a92064381b4733b3fb27166de 1 590x418 Giant Battle Monster

IH: You just recently came back from touring. How did that go for you guys?

Gerhardt: I’d say it was about half fruitful and half like a total loss. It was about what I expected. We got jerked around quite a bit and having no one know who we are, as I’m pretty sure happens to everybody on their first tour. It’s like I hear everyone say your first tour is like, I mean, they say it’ll happen.
Dunaway: I thought a lot of the people in the other states were just really receptive. Which I didn’t really think was gonna happen so much. It actually exceeded my expectations. Except for that we were all very, very sick and that kind of screwed it up just a little bit.
Schmidt: I’m still sick
Dunaway: Andrew’s still sick.
Gerhardt: Yeah.

IH: When’s the recording coming out? Every time I talk to you guys, you say you’re going to Katy to get this done.

Gerhardt: Um, we have unfinished recordings and they’re out right now. We haven’t mixed anything. We haven’t had anything to do with the mixing just yet. Well, we’re gonna go up there and like basically call the shots. ‘Cause right now, I’m not happy with the way they’re mixed at all.
Dunaway: Yeah. I think we’re gonna record like two or three more songs and just drastically redo the other ones and then put them on the first E.P., “Giant Battle Monster Versus Man with a Gun for a Head.”

IH: What about influences? What kind of stuff are you guys into for anybody who doesn’t know? I know it’s like the worst question, “what do you guys like?”

Gerhardt: Dude, I’ve been listening to almost all composers lately. Like Steven Reich and Phillip Glass and I never stop listening to John Cage. He’s like a personal hero of mine. And honestly, that may not even reflect in the music because it’s so different but I definitely want to be able to portray anything other than repetitiveness from Steven Reich and Philip Glass. Those guy are just, their taste and harmony is just, I think, it really matches mine, it’s just impeccable sounding to me but the repetitiveness, again, is something that I like to listen to but I don’t like to play.

l 1ffd5601b0f348238aec6b3b6345d38a 590x418 Giant Battle Monster IH: From my experience, being a musician from here (Galveston county), and other musicians I know from here like Dead Person and Darwin’s Finches and I’m sure you guys, is it more difficult when you’re form out of Galveston county trying to get a little bit of recognition in Houston?

Gerhardt: Yeah, definitely, and lately it’s been seeming like, it’ll be the closer it gets
to before we plan to move there, it seems like it’ll be even more and more either uncomfortable or hard, in general, because of just school. I’d have to drop everything here and go somewhere else and pick it up. It’d be totally different. And that’s besides the costs, that’s beside raising the money and spending time not at school, at a job to get the money to get the place and to change your life over there. We’re hoping for this summer but it’s more hopes than it is actual planning.
Dunaway: If we ever go somewhere else we’re always like, “yeah, we’re from Houston,” because that’s like the most recognizable place.
Gerhardt: Plus, it’s only 45 minutes.
Dunaway: It’s only 40 minutes away. I mean it’s easy to just go there and go back for, like, a show or whatnot.

IH: Well, good luck, because you guys fucking definitely deserve it. Definitely one of my favorite bands in the area. Just one of my favorite bands, period. Saying it sounds like once we walk out of this room I hate you guys.
Gerhardt: I’m sure I’ve said that to so many bands.
Dunaway: Like some wanker would actually come up and say, “ah, you’re my second favorite band.”

Giant Battle Monster will be playing this Saturday with the Mckenzies and Paris Falls at  The Mink – 3718 Main St Houston, TX 77002

themckenzies eyes 1 590x382 Giant Battle Monster

The Mckenzies :: This Lonely Heart

Paris Falls :: Walkaway


This Bike Is A Gravity Bong

Just one of the wonderful titles of a song on the new The Catalyst record, “Swallow Your Teeth”. They will be here on Thursday, playing with Golden Cities & Muhammid Ali at Double Dave’s Pizzaworks at Ella & 34th in Garden Oaks. 5 buck *suggested donation*, beer on tap, pizza rolls galore. The show starts at 7 and ends at 10, so put on your best Amphetamine Reptile t-shirt and buy a record that looks like this:


This show brought to you by Esotype.


The Wild Moccasins CD Release Runoff

The Wild Moccasins
The Wild Moccasins

The Wild Moccasins :: My Favorite Die
The Wild Moccasins :: Mailman

photos by Richard Ramirez II and Ike Theriot

The Teenage Kicks

teenage kicks

Houston came out in force Friday night to support the Wild Moccasins’ release of their new EP Microscopic Metronomes. Walter’s on Washington reached capacity before the second band, Buxton, even began to play. Many people who were turned away hung out in the packed parking lot anyway, just to soak up the scene and catch the sound bites escaping through the front door.

The Teenage Kicks greeted those early-comers who scored free pizza and a copy of Microscopic Metronomes with their ticket. By the end of their set, only a handful of EPs were left, the pizza was long gone, and the crowd was dancing.

Buxton was up next, and their following was huge. The crowd refused to move during the set change, chatting amongst themselves as they stood and waited. As a result, there was less of the jubilant dancing you usually see at Buxton gigs, and more of a jostle-and-sway as much as possible in the two inches of space around you. Buxton’s bluegrass pop has a more noticeably Southern sound than most other local bands. Zahiri and Cody of The Moccasins joined them for the last few songs of their set, to get the crowd pumped for the headlining shenanigans.

Sergio of Buxton

Sergio of Buxton

Co-frontman Cody Swann sounded genuinely touched and amazed as he thanked the sold-out crowd for their support. Greeted by enthusiastic cheers, The Moccasins launched into a new song, as vibrant and catchy as ever. Going to a Wild Moccasins show makes you feel like a latchkey kid watching The Partridge Family. You just ache to be a part of that happy, sparkly jumble of people, with their shiny clothes and beautiful mustaches. Zahira Gutierrez and Cody Swann sneak meaningful glances at each other while singing the catchiest nonsense refrains you’ve ever heard, with voices like sunny Florida oranges and big eyes like kittens in laundry hampers. They’re so cute you want to hate them, but their songs are so good you can’t. For the last song, the Moccasins invited the crowd to join them onstage to set off dollar-store confetti poppers and dance. Notable Houston musicians like Fat Tony, some Ton Tons and Young Mammals were among those onstage, grinning and singing along. You don’t find that kind of camaraderie and good vibrations among musicians in every city, and it’s a major reason why, lately, our scene is getting better and better with every show.

Review by Simone Kern & Alma Verdejo



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