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Past Shows – October 9th Fight With Flash at Meridan


Houston’s Local Fight with Flash  is playing October 9, 2009 with touring acts “Barely Blind”, “Ember”, and “Kady Malloy” and are looking for a writeup from anyone that may be interested. The writeup will be featured on and available for any other publication. Message the band at their myspace page at to get in for free in exchange for a free live review of their performance!


October 9-11th Roadtrip: Art Outside’s 3 Day Show in between Houston, Austin, and Dallas showcases art, film, media, and performance acts from around the State  – Okay this looks pretty awesome Scrollhouston-roadtrip-art-show 

For complete details, visit

Tentative Schedule for Art Outside, 2009

Visual Artists and Roving/Off Stage Performances

Roving/Off Stage Performances

Austin Enchanted Forest Interactive Area
Baruzuland Puppet Show
Arc Attack – Singing Tesla Coils
Sage’s Glow Performance
Meres One – live graffiti
Sloke – live graffiti
Agent Red – Aerialist
Tyson – Mime Routine
Mister and Ms. Cirque
That Damned Band
Art of Such N Such Peep Show and Fiery Midway Games
999 Eyes Museum of Mutant-O-Strosities
Adrienne Russell DJ Set
Kenny Browning – Art Cars and Fire Canons
Dimensional 40’ Black Light Pyramid
Find-N-Grind Halfpipe Ramp
Romeo Navarro’s BBoy City Dancers
SDC & DJ Manny DJ Pedicabs
Austin Bike Zoo
Gnogiurzauchshoff Brothers Traveling Midway of Curiosities and Delight
Sansa Asylum (of Yard Dogs Road Show)
Melvin Occasio – Puppet Show
Jorge Sermini and Nicole Whiteside – Aerial Cloth Dance
Chad Rittenberry – stilt walker

Visual Artists

Kristen Woo – photography
Kimberly Woo – photography
Marc Cooper – installation
Jennifer Alt – mixed media
Jamie Panzer – installation
Marco Valenzuela – 3D imagery
Jay Maclaskey – ice sculpture
Georgia Van Gunten – mixed media, spoken word
Thomas Britton – painting
Jason Sedillos – illustration
Esther Garcia – photography
James Plata – painting
Grace Manley – fashion
Rene Geneva Design – fashion
Trisha Kummer – installation
Roque Mendez – painting
Molly Rogers – video projection
Albert Deloach – projection
Scott Specht – 3D abstract city model
Nature Dreamweaver – installation
Leila Hijazi – mixed media
Kati Evans – jewelry
Chad Rittenberry – installation
Katie Rose Pipkin – painting
Lisa Chouinard – handmade soap
John Goode – mixed media
Steve Weber – drawing, painting, sculpture
Chesley Williams – installation
George Long – sculpture
Sunny White – handmade aprons
Ronald Moses – leather art
Greater Austin Garbage Arts – recycled art gallery
Sarah Shafer – sculpture
Amy Auchey – painting
Jessica Edberg – painting
Sarah Hasslinger – Monsterlove mask making, performance
James Farias – installation
Wesley Bellanca – mixed media
Kesley White – headwear
Austin White – photography
David Garcia – painting
Casey War – sculpture
Jason Mike – installation, projection
Laura Lea Nalle – installation
Joe Wood – illustration
Eric and Angelique Pearson – sculpture
Alberto Penuelaz – photography
Darren Minke – mixed media, installation
Joshua Meadow – sculpture
David Fincher – installation
Mike Robbins – mixed media
Kanya Lyons – stop motion animation
Joseph Santandrea – sculpture, installation
Preston W. Riggs – installation
Jimmy Kuehnle – sculpture
Ethan Azarian – painting
Silvana Vienne – painting
A.R. Santiago-Aguirre – painting
Danielle Mike – painting
Aaron Geiser – photography
TattooSue McQueen – Henna art
LeAnne Coggin – headwear
Baruzula Hutchings – fashion
Sarah Waite – stationery, greeting cards
Aidan Liller – recycled wearables
Kari Stringer – recycled jewelry
Kendrick Corp – painting
Valkyrie Lang – handcrafted bodycare products
Helen Wheeler-Shaw – mixed media
Chia Guillory – fashion
Mary Hess – glass artist
Lisa Lawler – fashion
Andre Olivier – jewelry
Samuel Ladach-Bark – screen printing
Industry Print Shop – screen printing
Ginny Wegener – prints, fashion accessories
Janean Johnson – fashion
Lydia Fiedler – handmade cards and collage
Amy Murphy – handmade house wares
Olivia Weathers-Witkop – jewelry
Danelle Cass – jewelry
Carl Witkop – ceramics
Daniella Valerio – mixed media
Edson Enriquez – jewelry
Lisa Herrington – painting
Handmade Collective – printed shirts and bags
Wings of Addiction – vintage and recycled jewelry
Travis Bush – mixed media
Brooke MacFarlane – jewelry, painting
Emily McClosky – glass art
Chelsea Hostetter – prints, handmade books, hand-blown glass
Todd Shepherd – mixed media
Carmen Johnson – painting
Ashley Larson – headwear
Lorraine Bier – silk scarves
Ken Chicosky – painting
Matthew Cuellar – mixed media

Acid Tomb (4:00-4:45)
The Little Gentlemen (5:00-5:45)
The Boxing Lesson (6:00-6:45)
Frantic Clam (7:00-7:45)
Astronaut Suit (8:00-8:45)
Smoke and Feathers (9:00 – 9:45)
Cartright (10:00 – 10:45)
Shapes Have Fangs (11:00-11:45)
Ocha la Rocha (12:00-12:45)
The Warlocks (1:00-2:30)

Friday Oct 9

Band stage

DJ Stage
DJ TBA (8:30p-10p)
Stefanko Selecta (10p-11:30p)
Resident Anti-Hero (11:30p – 1a)
Fort Knox Five  (1:00a-2:30a)
Manny  (2:30a – 4:00a)
Happy James (4:00a- 5:30a)
Neptune (5:30a – 7:00am)

Variety Stage
Creature Rock  6-7
Mad Happy (Sunset) 7-8
Shimmering war Choir 8-9
Sangre Del Sol (9 – 9:45)
Adira Amram (10:15-11:00)
DC Juicy (11:15-12:00)
Reggie Watts (12:00-1:00)
Helios Jive (1:00-2:30)

Mocha Jean Herrup 8pm-8:30pm
Kerri Lendo 8:30pm-9pm
Suddenly Dapper 9pm-9:30pm

Lost Film Festival (selections from) 9:30pm – 10:30pm
Austin Underground Film Festival (selections from) 10:30pm – 1am

Saturday Oct 10

Band Stage
Wine and Revolution (1:00-1:45)
Framing Strangers (2:00-2:45)
Planet Rye Co (3:00-3:45)
Damon Moon (4:00-4:45)
The Chibas (5:00-5:45)
Golden Animals (6:00-6:45)
Amplified Heat (7:00-7:45)
Y (9:00-9:45)
Lower Heaven (10:00-10:45)
Woven Bones (11:00-11:45)
The Vandelles (12:00-12:45)
Dead Meadow (1:00-2:30)

DJ Stage
John Gomi 5pm – 6:30 pm
Aaron Anthony 6:30pm – 8pm
Fashion Show 8pm – 9pm  Pavilion
iiiTawk 9 – 10pm
Oscure 10-1130pm
Know One/Souleye 1130pm – 1 am
Freq Nasty 1am – 2:30am
Jantsen – 2:30 am – 4 am
Neptune 5:30am – 7am

Variety Stage

Sensei Strange 2:30 – 3pm
The Back Pockets 3-3:45 pm
Mad Happy 4pm – 4:45pm
Cohen 4:45pm – 5:30pm
Helios Jive 5:45pm – 7pm
Dolomites (Stevhen Iancu) 7-8pm
Fashion Show 8pm – 9pm Pavilion
Scientists & Rockstars 9pm -10pm
Death is not a joyride 10pm – 11pm
Firegroove 11pm -12am
DMT 12am – 1am
Hipnautica 1- 3:00am

CrossFit and Parkour
Improvisation Dance
Aerial and Acro Training
Hula Hooping – Superhoopers
Anda Mandala – Stop Motion Animation
Fankamentals – Hip Hop
Poi Spinning
Recycled Art Making – Art Ninjas
GAGA Clothing Swap
Shire – eco workshops
WonderCraft – craft making

Fashion Show 8pm – 9pm

Confidence Men 10pm – 10:45pm
Max Amini 10:45pm – 11:15pm
Special Guests 11:15-1200

Elevate Film Festival 9pm – 10pm

Sunday Oct 11

Deacon Willie (1:00-1:45)
Wendy Colonna (2:00-2:45)
Suzanna Choffel (3:00-3:45)
Dave Madden (4:00-4:45)
Sideshow Tragedy (5:00-5:45)

Geronimo son 2-2:45
James Moran 3-3:45
The Lovers 4-4:45
Cohen 5-5:45

Crossfit and Parour
Aerial and Acro Training
Hula Hooping – Superhoopers
Anda Mandala – Stop Motion Animation
Kitchen Sink Film Making
Accordion –Why would you want to?
Discover What’s Stopping You
Recycled Art Making – Art Ninjas
GAGA Clothing Swap
Shire – eco workshops
WonderCraft – craft making




$50,000 Award :The Hunting Art Prize – Call For Houston Artists Entries: Deadline: November 30, 2009


While Glancing around at a few notable artists, we at indiehouston stumbled across a call for works with a grand prize of $50Gs – We encourage everyone to submit an entry and create some Art!
Award Website: (suammary below)

About the Art Prize
The Hunting Art Prize, which is sponsored by the international oil services company Hunting PLC, is celebrating 30 years! It is a Texas-wide competition open to established artists, talented newcomers and promising amateurs. The $50,000 award is the most generous art prize given annually in the United States.

The competition is open to Texas-based artists who are 18 years of age (as of August 1, 2009) or older. Artwork submitted for consideration must be a single two-dimensional painting or drawing no larger than 72″ on any one side (including frame, if any).

Sign Up & Submissions
Artists must sign up using the electronic form at and upload one digital file representing their selected artwork. The digital file must be in JPEG format and no less than 1MB and no more than 3MB.

All entries must be submitted no later than midnight, Monday, November 30, 2009.

Email us at For further details on submission criteria, terms and conditions, visit

Hunting PLC is an international oil services company providing solutions to the world’s largest oil and gas concerns. Established in 1874, it is a fully listed public company traded on the London Stock Exchange. For further information, visit

Previous Hunting Art Prize Winners-Robyn Oneil
Previous Hunting Art Prize Winners:- Franchesca Fuchs

Previous Hunting Art Prize Winners:-Michael Tole

Artist Eligibility

What are the eligibility requirements to enter the competition?
You must be 18 or older as of August 1, 2009, and be a legal resident of Texas.

Submitting Your Work

How do I enter the competition and submit my work?
Go to and sign up using the electronic form. As part of this process, you must upload a digital file that represents the piece you are submitting. This file must be in JPEG format and should be no less than 1 MB and should not exceed 3 MB in size. The file must be uploaded at the time you sign up for the competition.

What is the deadline for submissions for the 2010 prize?
All entries must be submitted by midnight on November 30, 2009.

How many pieces can I submit?
Each artist can submit a single entry, and the entries must represent a single work – no multiple or series of pieces. Diptychs and triptychs are allowed, but the pieces must be attached as a single unit.

Are there any time limitations regarding when the submission was completed?
Yes. All work must have been finished within the three years prior to submission. So work submitted for the 2010 prize must have been completed after November 30, 2006.

How do I get a high-resolution digital file of my artwork?
You can use a digital camera at the highest quality setting to take a photograph of your work; hire a professional photographer to take digital photos of your artwork; or scan a slide into a digital format or have a photo lab scan the slide.

How will I know that my entry was received?
An email confirmation will be sent to you soon after you apply.

What if there is an error when signing up and uploading my digital file?
An error message will appear alerting you of a problem. You can also e-mail any questions to

Will the Hunting Art Prize accept slides?
No. Only digital files will be accepted. You may convert your slide to a digital file at a local photo lab.

Eligible Artwork

What kinds of work are eligible for submission?
The 2010 prize is limited to two-dimensional paintings and drawings. No printmaking, photography, collage, assemblage, sculpture, relief, found object, or computer-generated works will be accepted.

What types of media are allowed for paintings?
Two-dimensional paintings must be created with traditional paint media – such as oil, acrylic, watercolors, pastels, or some combination of those media. No printmaking, photography, collage, assemblage, sculpture, relief, found object, or computer-generated works will be accepted.

What are the acceptable surfaces or formats for paintings?
Work should be painted on canvas, linen, panel, paper, board, or similar flat formats. It must also be secured on stretcher bars; framing is optional. However, if the painting is on paper, the work must be framed with glazing; i.e., glass or Plexiglas. Loose, exposed, or unprotected paper works cannot be accepted.

What types of drawing media are allowed?
Two-dimensional drawings can be submitted using traditional media: pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, or some combination of those media.

What are the acceptable surfaces or formats for drawings?
Paper, panel, and board. Works submitted on paper must adhere to the same framing guidelines outlined above for paintings. No printmaking, photography, collage, assemblage, sculpture, relief, found object, or computer-generated works will be accepted.

Are there any limitations on the size of work the work submitted?
Submissions cannot exceed 72 inches on any one side (including frame, if any).

Selection Process and Finalists

How is the winner selected?
After submissions have been reviewed to ensure compliance with contest rules, a panel of jurors will evaluate the digital files and select artists to move on to a second jury.  Those chosen will then be asked to submit the original artwork represented by the digital file included in the sign-up process.

How will I be notified if I am selected as a finalist to move on to Jury II?
You will receive an e-mail and be given detailed instructions on how to proceed – including shipping and crating your artwork.

Am I responsible for shipping costs and insuring my work?
Yes. The artists bear all costs for crating and shipping work to Houston for final judging; they are also responsible for costs related to picking up and returning their submissions after the gala according to specifications set by the Hunting Art Prize. While the Hunting Art Prize and its contractors and subcontractors will use care in handling the work, none are responsible for losses or damages. As such, artists may want to consider insuring their work based on its value.

If I am a finalist, how should my work be prepared for shipping and viewing?
All finalists’ work should be suitably framed; have D-rings and wire; and be able to be installed and hung as a single unit. Work on stretched canvas does not need to be framed. The artwork must be stable; no loose pieces or fragile media will be accepted. Additionally, original work must have the artist’s name, address, Hunting Art Prize entry number, and title on the back.

When will the winner be announced?
The winner of the 2010 Hunting Art Prize will be announced during the Hunting Art Prize gala May 1, 2010.

Will I have the opportunity to exhibit and sell my work?
All finalists will have their work exhibited at the gala, and may sell it at that time. Hunting plays no role in sales. All transactions are between the artist and the buyer.


Bootown Presents: Ace Skates Thursday September 24th at Catastrophic Theatre


  • Ace Skates on Thursdays Thursdays September 10, 17, and 24
    Begins at 7 pm
    At The Catastrophic Theatre office
    540 Sul Ross, 77006
  • A new work by Truman Phelps that will move you…LITERALLY. Ace Skates on Thursdays chronicles a day in the life/existential journey of a 12 year old boy as he skateboards around his neighborhood. The audience will follow Ace’s route as each scene takes place at a different venue within walking distance. How kick ACE is that?!Written by Mr. Truman Phelps
    Directed by Mr. Philip Hays
    With performances from Mr. Jared Doreck, Mr. Salvador Chevez, and the lovely Ms. Veronica Blanco

    Performances are the last three Thursdays in September (the 10th, 17th, and 24th) and begin at 7pm. The show will start at The Catastrophic Theatre office located at 540 Sul Ross, 77006.

    *IMPORTANT NOTE* One free popsicle is included with the purchase of a ticket.


    10/1 2009 Titus Andronicus, Giant Princess, So So Glos at Mangos


    Date: Thursday, October 1st, 2009
    With: The So So Glos, Suckers, Giant Princess
    At: Mango’s Cafe
    Time: Doors @ 8:00 – Show @ 9:00
    Tickets: $8.00 advance / day of show
    BUY TICKETS  At Super Unison!


    show1 Houston Music Artists: Giant Princess

    Giant Princess :: Twisted Leg
    Giant Princess :: Honor Roll
    Giant Princess :: Adventure



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