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Check out “Spark1duh?” the new indie-hop sensation!

“Spark1duh?” aka “Dusty Wallets”……… “The Iggy Pop of Hip-Hop”. Live shows are full of mic swinging, beer chugging, shirt ripping good times. A very eclectic mix of styles transformed into hip-hop, with a punk rock identity crisis. Picture Fugazi, meets the Wu-Tang Clan, or Black Flag, meets the Beastie Boys. No chains & guns rap here.






Sunrise and Ammunition

Sunrise and Ammunition

Daymare.mp3 (6 MB)


Two Towers Noise

looking for house shows to shred.


battlesong.mp3 (2 MB)


Engineering Services for the local Film and music scene.

Have A film that needs ADR, Sound Effects, or a custom Soundtrack?

Or do you have a band that wants to record a demo?

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American Fangs Headline Fitzgeralds

Reaching out on behalf of Houston’s own American Fangs, who are headlining Fitzgerald’s this Saturday, Jan 23rd. Fresh off a fall spent opening for Saul Williams on the continent-spanning Afro Punk Tour, the Fangs have a nice string of January shows with State Radio.

American Fangs have just returned from a five-song recording session at The Machine Shop, who have produced a variety of acts including Coheed & Cambria, Every Time I Die, Fallout Boy, and Lamb of God. Whether these tracks will help comprise their debut full-length has yet to be determined, but you can bet the farm you’ll be hearing new music very very soon!

For now, their self-produced American Fangs EP is available on iTunes, and their video for EP track “Le Kick” is here:

Le Kick – American Fangs from American Fangs on Vimeo.



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