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Indiehouston Alien Encounter with Listen Listen, Airon Paul Dugas, Western Giants, Baruch the Scribe

This past weekend the folks at Indiehouston were delighted to hear with just one day’s notice that some touring acts out of Denton, Texas- The Western Giants and Baruch the Scribe, would be playing a mostly acoustic set downstairs from our office alongside local music heroes Listen Listen and Airon Paul Dugas. Now if you think that’s a surprise, you should have been there during the Western Giants set when reports of an alien attack emptied the house.

Floating lights filled the sky and were moving in unison. Fear was creeping in. I counted 36 floating lights. When my girlfriend’s father who fixes planes looked puzzled at the sky, I felt a little pee come out. When someone shouted “it’s the Cubans!” I felt a little more nervous. We tweeted the incident because we wanted to be the first…“Floating lights in the sky! Go outside now and retweet. Alien shit?”

Luckily, we learned that there was a Floating Lantern ritual going on as part of the International Festival celebrations. Ha!

The night was filled with all sorts of special surprises, including “the keg that wouldn’t float.”  The bands that played were great, and thanks to the newly opened 24hr Daycare  across the street from the Indiehouse, even a Houston Police officer got to hear Listen Listen’s last three songs. This was the best foot-stomping, trumpet-blowing, folk up rival, alien adventure I’ve ever seen.


Houston MC, Roosh Williams- Attack of the Drobots

Roosh Williams is a 20 year old MC from Houston, TX. He has just released his debut mixtape “Attack of the Drobots”. Featured below are two tracks from the mixtape “The Intro-duction” and “Weatherman”.

Download “Attack of the Drobots” @

02 Weatherman.mp3 (2 MB)

01 The Intro-duction.mp3 (3 MB)


Monacles/Gtrs Frontman Jon Patrick’s New Band Davey Crocket on Tour + Upcoming Houston Shows

You may remember Jon Patrick from the Monacles or Gtrs, or maybe you heard of him from his newest band, Davey Crockett, which has been on tour traveling through New Orleans, North Carolina, and up towards Washington D.C. this past week. We got the first opportunity to hear his newest project about 3 weeks ago when Mr. Jon Patrick announced he will be moving back to the Texas region. During our greetings we were also introduced to the fact that he had just asked  Jaime Nava of Giant Princess to join him on drums.  Yup, that’s right.A two piece band emerges and we’re sure glad they picked the indiehouston house for a practice space. What came out of the room became a 5-7 song E.P, freshly recorded with Chris Ryan of Dead City Sound. I could try to describe the music, but I’ll just quote the lead singer of Giant Princess, Colin Hedrick: “They play Loud and Fast, it’s Tough Guy Rock with a Heart of Gold.” How can you  go wrong with that? You can check out demo recordings of the band online at their myspace page or live at their already confirmed Houston shows next month.

Davey Crockett - Jaime Nava (Left) Jon Patrick (Right)

“They play Loud and Fast, it’s Tough Guy Rock with a Heart of Gold”

Apr 21 2010 8:00P
FCDC DC!!!!!!!!!!!, Washington DC
Apr 22 2010 8:00P
Dcnine Washington DC w/ THE POINTS/ tba DC, Washington DC
May 1 2010 12:00P
cont club/bigtop/pachinko hut Houston, Texas
May 21 2010 8:00P
The Mink Houston, Texas

Kyle Hubbard- Waddup Houston, Texas

Debut of Kyle Hubbard’s new song “Waddup” which is featured on “Unsigned On The Grind 4″ hosted by Ras Kass. Also featured is his song Sorority Girl

Kyle Hubbard – Waddup

Kyle Hubbard – Sorority Girl


Lawndale Art Center’s Dirty Secrets

Oh, Lawndale. Lawndale, Lawndale, Lawndale.  I want to love you.  I want to see you making good choices.  I want to see you presenting the best that Houston has to offer, of which there is plenty. But you love to break my heart. The works currently being showcased on the lower level of Lawndale exactly exemplify this particular form of heartbreak.  And I intend to make an example out of them.

I, like the rest of the world, expect a lot from art.  I expect to be shown without having to defend.  I expect to come to my own conclusions after whirlwinds of form, color, composition, sound, and poetry assault my senses.  And I have to say that the only thing I felt after viewing your current exhibits, namely Dirty Secrets from the Cataract Cinema, was sedate.  And even that was uninteresting.  There is a quote by the London-based Graffiti artist, Banksy, that I think sums up my feelings completely:

“The thing I hate the most about advertising is that it attracts all the bright, creative and ambitious young people, leaving us mainly with the slow and self-obsessed to become our artists. Modern art is a disaster area. Never in the field of human history has so much been used by so many to say so little. “


Dan Havel’s and Chuck Ivy’s Dirty Secrets from the Cataract Cinema sounds great on paper. Their digital prints are repackaged photos from an abandoned X-rated movie theatre and shoeshine shop in Houston. This particular form of urban grime is very alluring, but when I walked through the door all I saw was production cost and a future working for Starbucks as a designer.  What they poured into this show was money and cheap Photoshop skills but not a whole lot of anything else (see: soul, heart, bravery). Tawdry neon signs, blurred sexy-time images and the most popular colors in the crayon box:  All of these devices attract through aesthetics and nothing else (see: furniture, wallpaper).

They are large; they are expensive; and they are overly glossed. They read like a how-to manual for basic design with layers of distressed textures similar to coral, rested on faux-antiqued photographs.  In their work I see skill; I see basic understanding of formal elements; and now I want to see something that I won’t intentionally try to forget the minute I walk out the door.  You have a responsibility to the world not to be the Britney Spears of art-making and not to contribute to the dumbing-down of America. If you’re going to promise us things like kitsch and underbellies then do so with every bone in your being.  It’s not that it’s so awful, it’s just that it’s not good enough for us. We deserve more.

I think more than anything my disenchantment attached to viewing this show was my expectation.  With a title that begins with dirty secrets I’m not sure I should be all too surprised.  Who in this world isn’t trying to sell me something through sexual innuendo?  It’s a cheap advertising ploy and I’ve noticed!  There are so many discussions that could have been had over these works. Houston loves its decay.  But instead all I see are aggressively mundane uses of fractals, which is ridiculously popular these days. If we are all drinking from the same well, smoking from the same pipe, eating the same food, reading the same books, and choosing the same colors, how are we ever to have original thought?  I implore you, dear Lawndale, to become more aggressive in your search for talent, domestic or otherwise.  We absolutely deserve better and it’s your job.



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