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7/3 Bonesrock Music Festival

Kevin Bones was a well known and respected artist and musician from the Houston area who was taken from us in a brutal triple homocide last Independence Day weekend. In order to preserve the memory of his life and work; and to obliterate the dark memories of his tragedy, his friends have banded together to create this awe inspiring, free rock and roll show.


June 19th IH Presents Paris Falls, Ensane, Lukas, + more at Walter’s $5

Indiehouston Presents Paris Falls

Indiehouston Presents


Leosapien a.k.a. Leo Medrano

Leosapien was born a quarter of a century ago in HTX in what was once known as the haunted hospital.
Leosapien is an artist.
He uses a variety of styles and techniques to convey what is most interesting to him. leosapien has an extensive body of work which has sold over the past year. Not yet a household name, but ready to be one.
Leosapien is always willing to accept any and all types of commissioned pieces from small to large scaled work, installations as well as commercial and digital projects.


Joseph A. Seahorn

My name is Joseph A. Seahorn. I was born and raised in Houston, TX and learned most of my life lessons here.

My art is fueled by my desire to do my part to inspire the world. I create characters that are driven by my imagination. I live in a dream world when I create and love the idea of creating my own universe through my passion. If I were to describe my work I would say it’s a dedicated, detailed execution of a whimsical dream world that is the mind of Joseph A. Seahorn.

I give my all to what I love and if I can inspire just one person to go out and find pure joy in who they are in this life with my work, I have done my job. Love you, strangers of Houston


The Venue, The Band, The HEAT!! (Thao and Mirah)

The Orange Show and dusk brought a calming yet excitement-filled energy; Mirah commented that the packed Orange Show made her feel like she was in a stadium-like setting. The set began with Thao’s “The Clap” with both Thao and Mirah’s individual songs equally performed, with Mirah’s voice being featured on Thao’s songs and vice versa. From toddler to gray hair, the crowd made Houston proud by becoming an additional and collective band member, clapping to at least half a dozen songs. The sound quality and talent by each band member were unmatched. Both Thao and Mirah have distinct and beautiful voices with instrumental talents that compliment each other’s styles. Songs played were from Thao’s We Brave Bee Stings and All (2008) and Know Better Learn Faster (2009) and Mirah’s Advisory Committee (2001), C’mon Miracle (2004) and (A)spera (2009) In addition to performing each other’s songs, Thao, Mirah and The Most of All played a few songs they had written together. For the encore? Mirah and Thao became a part of the audience, jumping out of the stage and joining the audience for the last few songs while the audience got on their feet. Indeed, Houston has much love for Thao and Mirah with The Most of All.

Led to Sea started the evening off with Alex Guy and her Viola, a loop pedal and songs about crashing bikes and being a bad girlfriend. Alex is also a part of The Most of All, a group of multi-instrumentalists, from clarinets to xylophones.

Houston definitely brought the Heat, both with our energy and, of course, literally. Yes there were mosquitoes and clothes were sticking to bodies, but it was worth every second.

Thanks St. Arnold’s for the delicious and refreshing Amber!

Here is a personal thanks from Thao


“Orange Show in Houston! thank you for dancing and singing and handling sparklers responsibly.”




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