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The Diamond Center: My Only Companion

June 9th the Diamond center released their 2nd album “My Only Companion”. Upon first listen my initial thoughts were”…. hmmmm…… Damn this is good” and not the they sent me a free  album so I gotta be nice kinda good but the this is something I am gonna put on my thumb drive and plug into my car stereo good. I truly want my friends to hear this, it has everything I love. These are the guys that shoulda played with Holly Golightly a few weeks back. The off kilter sounds of My only Companion can be best described as a experimental and psychedelic alt country with a splash of surf  all enhanced by a voice that both soothes and creeps you out simultaneously. (my best one sentence description)

The Diamond Center was a project started by Brandi Price and Kyle Harris in Athens, Georgia and has now expanded adding two more members including Price’s sister, Jana Price and  Alan Brown. Relocating to Lubbock, Texas and then on  to their current home Richmond, Virginia the Diamond Center is currently on tour supporting the release The Diamond Center is set to play Walter’s June 15th.  Here are two of my favorite songs from this release:

The Diamond Center – Dos Fridas

The Diamond Center – The Deer Pistol


The Diamond Center

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6/18 Limb CD Release 3210 Preston st. 7pm w/ BLACKIE, Giant Princess, Somosuno,+ Art

LIMB’s CD Release is going to be bad ass! Giant Princess, Cosmic Sound, Featherface, B L A C K I E, and Somosuno will also be playing with art installations by up and coming Houston Artists -Chris Fulkerson, Youcomeover, Ghost Machine, James Templeton, and Isaiah Lopez. Modern dance performances by P.A.C. will also go down on the night of 6/18. It’s all taking place at El Rincon Social- 3210 Preston st. Houston, TX. Spread the word!


Ellypseas: Indescribable Colours

Ellypseas’ Indescribable Colours is set to release tonight at Dean’s but I was sent an advance copy. I’ve been a bit busy and it has taken me a while to get around to listening to it but I’m glad I did.

Indescribable Colours is gritty, live recordings laced together giving it a raw feeling which plays very well with the eclectic sound these guys have developed. A fusion of soul, jazz, progressive rock and experimental music, Indescribable Colours begins with a chaotic unorganized melody which gives way to a very clean pristine chiming of the guitar as Lizzo lets loose her very powerful vocals. (track 1: Ghosts) But wait, it isn’t till you reach Coffe Grinds that you can truly appreciate these guys. Mind you it is a 12 minute song which is long by any standards but never did it cease to impress me.  Coffee Grinds builds up layer by layer and with each new layer adding a new calm to the mood the song has already set. I’m gonna be honest, my favorite part of this song has to be the flute solo… COME ON…. how often is it that you hear a flute solo anymore? Not since the days of Jethro Tull has a flute been jammed so thoroughly but you know what I love it I really did that with the wailing guitar just made my day.

Get out, check these guys out and if you feel so inclined to pick up the album you wont be disappointed I can see good things coming from these guys in the future.

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6/12 Young Mammals Tour Kickoff Saturday at Mango’s Houston

Young Mammals will be having there CD Release with The Eastern Sea and Buxton this Saturday at Mango’s. Don’t miss this great lineup.

Mango’s is located at 403 Westheimer Road


6/26 Neopopstreetfunk II

If you missed Last years Neopopstreetfunk, do yourself a favor and don’t miss out this year . Neopopstreetfunk is showcasing an array of paintings, sculptures and drawings from some of the city’s most talented young artists. Organized and produced by the artists themselves, the exhibit told of a generation bored with convention and the mainstream art community. This Year Neopopstreetfunk is featuring nationally renown artists; Bask from Florida and C.Kirk from the Dallas MetroPlex.

With a wild contrast of styles, perspectives, hues and imagery, Neopopstreetfunk II continues the narrative of a generation of artists defiantly expressing iconoclastic, deeply passionate, honest visions of joy, subversion, rage and satire. Taken in the context of a local show, these themes further illuminate the creative undercurrents surging through the Houston and National art scenes and the compelling motivations of its artists to create.

Opening night is June 26th with free beer and free wine. Neopopstreetfunk II opens June 26 and runs until July 10. For those attending the opening, free beer, wine and hors d’oeuvres will be served.

What: Neopopstreetfunk II Art Show

When: Opening debut June 26, 7 p.m. – 11 p.m.

Where: Gallery M Squared, 339 West 19th Street, The Heights, Houston, Texas 77008 713-861-6070



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