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T.h.e Misfit Crazy8

They call me Crazy for the same reason they called many other great men in history Crazy; because they went against the grain to seek the truth.  Trying to describe my music is like trying to describe color to the blind; there is no precedent set for what I am trying to accomplish.  It is Crazy, its is great, it is love, it is hate, it is rock, it is rap, it is hip hop, it is jazz, it is good, and it is Crazy8.  I am driven and will not stop.  Listen carefully and open your mind, prepare for to experience t.h.e MisFit Crazy8.


Orgone in Houston, Texas at Fitzgerald’s on 11/09/10


Parachute in Houston, Texas at Warehouse Live on 11/08/10


Larry & His Flask in Houston, Texas at Rudyard’s on 11/08/10


Jeff The Brotherhood/Bright Men of Learning/The Energy in Houston, Texas at Fitzgerald’s on 11/08/10



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