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The Mathletes – Good Advice and Bad Advice for Romantics Who Think Too Much (Excalibur)

We are getting in gear for The Mathletes LP Release with a single from their newest record, Excalibur. The Mathletes also have a new website,, which has just about everything you could want out of a band website. Site features local art from Richard Ramirez II and Devin Finch who created the design for The Mathletes new record. Theres even a discography section where you can get a glimpse of a local Houston indie rock legacy.


Hearts of Animals featuring Joe of The Mathletes


The Mathletes Record Release Versus Extravaganza $5 bucks August 13th at Fitzgerald’s presents The Mathletes Record Release Versus Extravaganza on Saturday, August 13th at Fitzgerald’s with Giant Princess Vs. Babyshowers(singer Woozyhelmet), BLACKIE vs. The Wiggins, Keith Reynolds Vs. The Sparkle Ponies, Hearts of Animals Vs. Chris Cascio, and Fishboy Vs. Kanye West. The show will be upstairs and downstairs and only $5bucks. Each band and act has something pretty special planned and it will be epic. is proud to sponsor the pressing of 400 perfect little 12inch vinyls from one of our favorite local musicians, The Mathletes.. The Mathletes recorded with Homeskoolrecordz, so a special thanks to them for making this possible. Please support us by coming to the show so that we can continue to do spread HTOWN music. Scroll down for videos.





Darwins Finches Live & Escatones 2011 US Tour Begins: From Texas to Michigan

Here is why it is okay to let your 6yr old child do mushrooms and dance to surf rock: Darwins Finches embark on a journey from Galveston, Texas to Michigan playing 15 shows with the Escatones. We first met Darwins Finches after they played a benefit show for Hurricane Ike. It also turned out that most of the band had also just lost their home by the beach in Galveston due to that Hurricane, but that hasn’t stopped them one bit from becoming one of Houston’s favorite bands to see for 2011. (The child may or may have not been on mushrooms, but he definitely felt the music.)

Footage is from Darwins Finches 2011 Tour Kickoff show at Fitzgeralds. Darwins Finches will be on Tour from July 1st to July 23rd playing shows acrross Texas to Michigan with the Escatones.

15 upcoming shows/events

JUL 1 @ NightRocker
NightRocker San Antonio, TX – 7:00 PM

JUL 2 @ Headhunters
Headhunters Austin, Texas, US – 7:00 PM

JUL 3 @ 2826 Arnetic
2826 Arnetic Dallas, Texas – 7:00 PM

JUL 5 @ Dalzell
Dalzell Shreveport, Louisiana , US – 7:00 PM


JUL 8 Tulsa Backwards
Tulsa Backwards Tulsa, OK – 9:00 PM

JUL 9 @ Kirby’s (Wichita)
Kirby’s (Wichita) Wichita, KS – 10:00 PM

JUL 10 @ Public Space One
Public Space One Iowa City, Iowa , US – 7:00 PM

JUL 12 @ Swing State
Swing State Lake Villa, Illinois , US – 7:00 PM

JUL 13 @ The Horseshoe
The Horseshoe Chicago, Illinois – 7:00 PM

JUL 14 @ Mulligan’s Pub
Mulligan’s Pub Grand Rapids, MI – 7:00 PM

JUL 15 @ Mac’s Bar
Mac’s Bar Lansing, Michigan, US – 7:00 PM

JUL 16 @ The Belmont
The Belmont Hamtramck, Michigan – 7:00 PM

JUL 20 @ Woodruffs
Woodruffs Ypsilanti, MI – 7:00 PM

JUL 23 @ checkpoint charlie’s
checkpoint charlie’s New Orleans, LA – 7:00 PM


New Music from The TonTons

Golden by Tontons



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