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Catch Houston’s Kyle Hubbard at SXSW March 16th at 12:30pm & The Rogue Scholar Alliance proudly present:


A 3-Day Long FREE underground Hip Hop extravaganza showcasing some of the best and brightest up-and-coming artists out of Houston and beyond! Dope artists all day, every day! Producer showcases! Freestyle sessions! Delicious BBQ on site! Giveaways! You don’t wanna miss this!


Day 1 March 16
11.30-11.50 B el be
12.00-12.20 Chane
12.30-12-50 Kyle Hubbard
1pm-1.20 DNN
1.30-1.50 Authentic Snoopy
2pm-2.20 Crazy 8
2.30-2.50 Thurogood
3pm-3.20 D-Risha
3.30-4pm Tony Dark Beat Showcase/Freestyle Session
4pm-4.20 Tawn P
4.30-4.50 Bishop Black
5pm-5.20 Kab The Don
5.30-5.50 Renzo
6pm-6.20 Hollywood Floss
6.30-6.50 Ensane (PuraSane)
7pm-7.30 Purple Bastard Beat Showcase Freestyle Session
7.40-8.10pm LOEGZ
8.20-8.40 The Forces
8.50-9.20pm Franchise N Yung
9.30-10pm Mike Ro
10.10-10.40pm New Thought Movement (Danny Wattz, Wayword, and Abstract Cannon)

Day 2 March 17
11.30-1150 2011
12-12.20 Wes Coas
12.30-12.50 Young Sensation
1pm-1.20pm The Forces
1.30-1.50pm Jon Black
2pm-2.20pm Ensane (PuraSane)
3pm-3.20pm K Dogg
3.30pm-3.50pm Renzo
4pm-4.20pm R.I.M
4.30pm-4.50pm DNN
5pm-5.30pm Piece of Mind Beat Showcase/Freestyle Session
5.40pm-6pm George Young
6.10-6.40pm D-Risha
6.50pm-7.20pm Slangston Hughes
7.30pm-7.50pm Lyriq
8pm-8.30pm Electric Attitiude
8.40-9.10pmPurple Bastard Beat Session/Freestyle Sesh
9.20-9.40pm Bishop Black
9.50pm-10.20pm Nosa
10.30- 10.50pm Devin Miles
11pm-11.20pm Chels

Day 3 March 18
12pm-12-20 Alibi Rankz
12.30pm-12.50pm GOAT
1pm-1.20pm Celebrate The Villain
1.30pm-1.50pm Renzo
2pm-2.30pm Kooley High
2.40pm-3pm D-Risha
3.10pm-3.30pm Rock Show
3.40pm-4pm DNN
4.10pm-4.30pm Undergravity
4.40-5.10pm Jetti Beat Set 30 minutes
5.20-5.50pm The Forces
6pm-6.20pm Rob Gullate
6.30-6.50 Ensane
7pm-7.20 Crazy 8
7.30-7.50 Frankie G Tha Mex


Lara Fabian – Je t`aime

This live concert video is one of my all time favorites.


Song written by the kids at Workshop Houston in the 3rd Ward

Workshop Houston



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