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The Impossibles One Off Reunion Show at the Mohawk in Austin, TX 2012

Part 3: I never said goodbye and I never will.

The Impossibles One Off Reunion Show at the Mohawk in Austin, TX 2012 from Indiehouston.TV on Vimeo.

The Impossibles played a one off reunion show at the Mohawk on June 9th, 2012. Footage is from from their hometown Austin, TX.


Saturday, June 23, 2012 USA Rugby Men’s National Team to Take on Italy at BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston

USA Rugby vs Italy from BBVA Compass Stadium on Vimeo.

The USA Rugby Men’s National Team, the Eagles, will host Italy at BBVA Compass Stadium ( in Houston on Saturday, June 23, 2012, for the only international match being held in the U.S. this year. With the highly anticipated new stadium scheduled to open in May, the venue will utilize all-new ticketing platform axs Ticketing ( for the upcoming match and for all events moving forward.

The last time the two nations clashed was in September 2011, when Italy knocked the USA out of contention for the 2011 Rugby World Cup quarterfinals in New Zealand, defeating the Americans 27-10 in the last match of pool play match. Newly hired USA Head Coach, Mike Tolkin, and his team will look to correct problems in their RWC exit and put a stamp on the new coaching era.

“In New Zealand we struggled to match the power of the Italian forwards. They played a forwards-oriented game, slowed our ball down, and made us struggle in the set piece on both sides of the ball. The intensity will be there on our part, but we’ll need to match that power in Houston,” said Tolkin.

“We’re looking forward to having the home crowd behind us at BBVA Compass Stadium and showing them what international rugby is all about. This is a Six Nations Member and team that have been hovering around the top-ten in the IRB rankings for a while, so it will be a great opportunity for the American people to watch it on our soil. These are the types of games that the Eagles need to play to improve, and eventually, we need to start winning them as well,” Tolkin stated.

Home to the Major League Soccer team the Houston Dynamo, Houston’s newest stadium will provide USA Rugby with a state-of-the-art facility for this important event. In addition to being the only international match being held in the U.S. this year, the test match will be the first international sporting event to ever be held in the stadium.

“There are so many reasons to be excited about this game,” said USA Rugby CEO and President of Rugby Operations, Nigel Melville. “It’s a fresh start for the Eagles, they are going to play in a brand new stadium, and we get to display top-notch international rugby to a great sports city like Houston.”

The BBVA Compass Stadium staff, Lone Star Sports & Entertainment (owners of the Houston Texans), and USA Rugby have worked together to bring international rugby back to Houston.

“We are pleased to be able to announce the USA Rugby match between the U.S. men’s team and Italy as our first non-soccer event at BBVA Compass Stadium,” said BBVA Compass Stadium general manager Doug Hall. “Our stadium will provide fans with a unique downtown backdrop to this exciting sporting event and we look forward to incorporating rugby events such as this into our calendar for years to come.”

Lone Star Sports & Entertainment director Heather Houston added, “We’re proud to help bring an elite international rugby test match to Houston and are excited to work with our friends at BBVA Compass Stadium to host the event. Since we first brought international soccer to Houston in 2006, that sport has grown tremendously here, including the addition of the Houston Dynamo in 2006. We look forward to building a similar foundation with USA Rugby beginning this summer.”

All tickets for the match and all future events held at BBVA Compass Stadium will be sold via AEG’s new state-of-the-art ticketing platform, axs Ticketing (pronounced access) and via the stadium’s website. With respect to fees, axs Ticketing is committed to transparency and will always disclose the full price of the ticket upfront with no surprises or hidden costs.

For each event, will open a virtual waiting room shortly before the public on-sale, giving consumers visibility into the buying process. Ticket buyers can log onto or and click the purchase link for the show to enter the waiting room, where they will be able to view event details, pricing and ticket information. Customers also will have the opportunity to enter their billing information to save time once the on-sale goes live.

Tickets for the USA Rubgy Men’s National Team, The Eagles versus Italy will go on-sale beginning Monday, March 12 at 10 a.m. and will be available online at or or by calling 888-929-7849. The axs Ticketing service also is available on all mobile platforms, and features Facebook and Twitter integration. Prices start at $15.

The Italy game will complete a three-match summer series for the Eagles. The USA will play Canada in Kingston Ontario on June 9 and will host the Republic of Georgia on June 16 at a venue that is not yet confirmed.

About BBVA Compass Stadium
BBVA Compass Stadium will be a state-of-the-art, open-air stadium designed to host Houston Dynamo matches and Texas Southern University football games as well as additional professional, collegiate and community sporting events, concerts, exhibitions, conventions and special events. Opening in May 2012, the 340,000-square foot, 22,000-seat stadium will be the first soccer-specific stadium in Major League Soccer located in a city’s downtown district. With its downtown location, the new stadium will be a part of a true ‘Stadium District,’ which includes Minute Maid Park and the Toyota Center, as well as the George R. Brown Convention Center, Discovery Green, Warehouse Live and House of Blues.

About Lone Star Sports & Entertainment
Lone Star Sports & Entertainment (LSSE) is an independent event management company which is closely affiliated with the NFL’s Houston Texans. Since being founded in 2003, LSSE has established itself as the leading sports event promoter in Houston. In addition college football’s Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas, LSSE has emerged as a premier promoter for international soccer matches, including the 2010 MLS All-Star Game featuring Manchester United, the 2006 FC Barcelona U.S. tour, 2003 and 2008 matches between the United States and Mexico, and the 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cups. LSSE has also reinvigorated the “Battle of the Piney Woods” rivalry between Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston State and has promoted a pair of major concerts featuring country superstars George Strait and Kenny Chesney.

About USA Rugby
Founded in 1975, USA Rugby is an official member of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and the International Rugby Board (IRB). The organization has approximately 90,000 members and is responsible for the development of the boys, girls, high school, collegiate and club rugby programs, and ultimately all of the national teams representing the U.S. in international competitions. The current structure of USA Rugby comprises seven Territorial Unions (TU) and 34 Local Area Unions (LAU) that compete for regional and National Championships. USA Rugby’s national headquarters is located in Boulder, Colo., and is run by full-time staff under the direction of current CEO and President of Rugby Operations Nigel Melville.

About axs:
Developed and operated by AEG, one of the leading sports and entertainment presenters in the world, and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Anschutz Company, axs is a new entertainment platform and will serve as AEG’s primary consumer brand. The first phase of axs, axs ticketing, was created in cooperation with Outbox Technologies and will provide fans the opportunity to purchase tickets directly from their favorite venues. Additional elements will include a mobile service launching later this year and a video content service that is now in development. For more information on axs, please visit

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Return of the Impossibles this Saturday in Austin, Texas – Part 3 Coming Soon…

 This weekend I head off to see the Impossibles reunion show! Tickets are sold out, but I plan to take as many cameras in as possible. For those who remember them, they were one of the most influential bands of the late 90s. Back when Fitzgerald’s was still the place for highschool bands to get their start, the hip kids of Houston would line up to see their favorite skaweezer band, The Impossibles. The band is doing a one off reunion show June 9th and June 10th. Great interview at the Austinist!

Here is a video from their last show as the Impossibles at Emo’s. (Can’t believe I missed this show.)

I mentioned to a friend that I was going to the Impossibles this weekend and he reminded me about how we used to share our love for the band on myspace. This prompted me to log to the old myspace, (last login: 3 years)  You want relive teen angst at its finest, simply reset your password to your myspace and dig right in to your old blog posts. Kudos if you still remembered the login. Who knows, maybe you could bring myspace back…?

Part 1

Jan. 18 2007 taken from the myspace diaries

I finally said hello to my hero and he said, “Hello, we’re the impossibles from Austin, Tx!”

So I went to meet my hero recently . I had to drive to San Marcos to meet him, but  he did change my life. Gabe Hascall from the impossibles, who formed slowreader  which later started going under the name …Gabe Hascall was on the agenda to shake hands with, or maybe more.


On the way there was a sign…


That is a very good question. At the moment, I am headed to Austin to meet my hero. I wasn’t planning on making any trips to heaven or hell, but damn if this billboard wasn’t going to make it in my photobucket. (does this still exist?) Notice the two people burning. Yes! I would  prefer a hug from Jesus while being serenaded by two lovely white doves, but I got to go see about a show.

And we are back to driving.

Suddenly, I get a call from a freind telling me some not so awesome news. It turns out, San Marcos is getting hit by tornadoes.  Jesus!

It rains so hard the whole way through and then we are lost. Hopefully the tornado misses Lucy’s on the square. Fuck you map quest, why all the lies? Its almost 8 and I’m pissed because Gabe’s supposed to go on first, and what and where is a square in San Marcos? We finally ask some scary town people and they gladly tell us where to get headed. I love Texas. You can ask anyone for directions and they will gladly tell you the worst directions imaginable. Clicks. Huh? 2 uturns! isn’t that a circle sir? Luckily, by truly an act of god, or the doves, we find a street with cool square buildings that was obviously the hippest part of this backwards town.

We go inside and the doorman assures us that no bands have played yet. And there he is getting a drink, sitting next to friends who probably grew up with him.  I try to think of something cool and clever to say. “So umm, where do you see your music career going in the next 5 years?” ahh no-luckily I decide not to say anything stupid like that. Instead I took this time to get the drinks started. No chocolate martinis, or flirtinis, or whatever the hell i’ve ordered in the past – give me tequila and lemon please. Keep pouring, I’ve got a driver you see. We sit next to the stage and I see his guitar lying there.

Wow! It still says slowreader – a project of Rory and his that I so very much admire.

Soon Gabe gets on stage and welcomes everyone for coming out. He seems a little nervous. It makes me feel good because I didn’t know heroes got nervous too. I’m always nervous. Maybe it was because everyone was so quiet and he could sense anxious ears, or maybe he just started thinking about a name of a show and it was bugging him that he couldn’t figure out the damn title. But then, as if he knew that we were all ready, he played, gloriously. The first song was worth the whole trip. His voice reminds me of a time when everything was just what it was. You meet new people, you hang out with friends, you laugh, you fall in love, you make a series of wonderful decisons, you make a series of bad decisions, but no matter what unless you get yourself killed of course, you can always start over. I guess its kind of why I made the trip in the first place…. I wish I would have told him that, but the right words tend to come out wrong when I need them. But – I do  think I told him something kind of cool. I said to him that he was my hero, and that I hoped he never stopped making music. How did I manage to get the nerve to say that? hmmm.

 Message from another Fan(ooh myspace email!)

Jan 23, 2007

the otterssey says

I saw your post on Gabe’s page and I read your story. I know this is strange to be writing you and I would never typically do something like this, but I was touched. Like you, Gabe has been a hero of mine for a long time.
Almost four years ago I met Gabe in Arizona at a slowreader show. I had been a fan of the impossibles, imbroco, and just about anything Gabe and/or Rory touched. To top it off, I had a local band at the time and was opening the show. To make a long story short, Gabe and Ian (the slowreader drummer) liked my voice and asked me to join what would be known as the ill-fated ‘record heat.’ Unfortunately, at the time none of us were in healthy places in our lives for the band work.
I just wanted to say if you didn’t already find out, that Gabe really is the person you think he is. Actually, he’s pretty damn silly, but he is true to his lyrics and works extremely hard.
I don’t really have a dialogue with him anymore because of the circumstances in which I left, but I still plan to support all that he does. He’s going to change the way people appreciate music. I’m happy you got to the show and I only hope I can see him some day again too.
Take care,

 Part 2

February 11, 2008 Show at Mohawk

Found out Gabe Hascall was doing a solo show at the Mohawk and recorded the show with my phone. (Camera phones in 2008)



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