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Shugo Tokumaru

Shugo Tokumaru  new album, In Focus?, was released last week. Check out this gem of a video. Awesome!


Matt Pond playing at House of Blues Feb. 22nd

Matt Pond record The Lives Inside The Lines Of Your Hand just dropped and sounds amazing.

Matt Pond will be playing February 22 at The House Of Blues

With the new album, Matt Pond is stepping forward with striking honesty and humbling optimism and delivers his strongest work to date. And with this transformative record comes some distinct changes - removing the ‘PA’ that has accompanied his name for nearly a decade, his first official ‘solo’ release, and partnering with new label and longtime publishing partner, BMG.

Lives is an upbeat antidote to the pessimistic shift in the collective consciousness. It’s an ode to the bittersweet reality that we are human, we are finite, and we are flawed. Matt gets to the core of his own humanity, and we can’t help but listen intently to see what he finds. The album’s first single “Love to Get Used,” is a notably playful departure from what we’ve seen before.”Let’s hang on to abandon and hope we lose control” Pond insists in the uptempo indie-pop track, “to be out in the open baby and let go of the ropes.” While “Hole in My Heart” strips down the frivolities and formalities that water down most songs about heartbreak, leaving us with a chillingly accurate, almost childlike description of the pain it causes. When times are tough though, art flourishes, and The Lives Inside The Lines In Your Hands is a demonstration in how Pond is transcended by his art. “Someday I’ll stop breathing,” he says, “but I’ll never stop singing.”


Bootown presents: Love in the Time of Lasers

Love in the Time of Lasers

Ah, young love – the awkward pauses, the nervous laughter, the sweaty palms, the laser-shooting dinosaurs … Oh, right. That’s not normal.

BooTown presents Love in the Time of Lasers, a 21st century romance with a sci-fi twist. (See: dinosaurs, lasers.) The production employs table-top puppets, stop-motion animation and a number of puppetry techniques to tell the story of a couple’s quest to fall (and stay) in love.

Directed by BooTown Co-Artistic Director Lindsay Burleson, conceived and written with Andrew Keil of NYC.

The show will be preceded by an original puppet piece, Sitcom, by BooTown friend Joe Wozny. Sitcom is about an ordinary couple forced to confront the parts and roles they’ve played. (P.S. The show is built out of recycled bar materials. Everyone’s drunk.)

The production runs January 25 through February 9 at Shoparama (Main and Winbern), 14 Pews, and Rudyard’s British Pub. Tickets are pay-what-you-can and can be purchased at the door. Only Two Shows Left!


February 2
14 Pews

February 8 and 9
10pm and Midnight


A 16 Year Old Aspiring Journalist from HTOWN and His Wish to Interview The xx at The House of Blues


Yes The xx are coming to Houston at the House of Blues on Saturday February 9, 2013 but I am really posting this to highlight an email I received from 16 year old, Ivan Guzman. Here is that email:

Hi Indiehouston!

I’m Ivan Guzman and I’m 16 years old from Houston, Texas. I’m an aspiring journalist and I’m emailing you in hope that you could help me in setting up an interview with The xx in Houston on February 9th that could possible be used on the music section of Indie Houston. I have been conducting interviews with people in the music scene, and it has been one of my goals to interview The xx since I started to recognize their talent in 2010. I thought that I would email you directly so that I could maybe be a correspondent for Indie Houston at the event.

I do have experience doing this kind of work through street teams, interviews, blogs, etc. About 3 years ago I was very involved in writing for different fan websites for artists like David Archuleta. I was in charge of the street team at David Archuleta Fanblast and then Archuleta Fan Scene. Over the course of doing this, I interviewed some of his band members and tour management over Skype, and my work on these websites actually got me interviewed by Parade Magazine. I am also in Newspaper/Journalism at school where we write about 3 articles each month (My instructor’s email is Linda.XXXXX if you would have any questions to ask her).

I have also attached my list of questions for The xx if you would like to take a look at them. In case you wanted to know, my intention with this interview would be that I record it with a small Flip camera so that I can watch it back, transcribe it, and pass it over to the editors at IH. Another option would be to just post the video on Youtube and distribute it using social media.

I am extremely diligent, have a tremendous sense of work ethic, and I am willing to conduct a great interview if you’d allow me the opportunity. I am friends with some fans of The xx, and many have mentioned to me that they want to hear opinions from young listeners. Not only would this be an amazing experience for me, but it would result in some great exposure for your site, as well.

Definitely email me back if you are interested, want to hear what I have in mind, and to find out anything else you would like to know.

Thank you so much!

Ivan Guzman
Houston, TX

So there you have it! A perfectly well written thoughtful letter from a 16 year old with big ambitions. Can we help him interview The xx ??? Do we have enough klout to send this kid off to interview a band of his dreams? We armed Ivan with an email address and gave him some suggestions on how to go about his quest. If you have any ideas for how Ivan can get close to his fav band, let him know. We’ll keep you updated on how this turns out for Ivan. Hopefully we’ll be posting his interview of The xx here soon!





Everything, Everything releases Cough Cough Feb 5th

Check out the band Everything Everything. They’re already huge in the UK with NME declaring that “they sound like the saviours of music.” The band will release their long-awaited US debut EP, Cough Cough, on February 5th via Julian Casablancas’ Cult Records and Kemosabe Records.

“I’m honored to be associated with such a talented, mind bending, modern band.” – Julian Casablancas

The band will be at SXSW this March before they play headlining shows in LA (The Roxy 3/19) and NYC (Bowery Ballroom 3/25)



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