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Houston TV Show Pilot “Paying Dues”


By: Aneisha Hughes

HOUSTON, TX, January 1, 2016 – You think you have it all figured out, until you are forced to climb your way from the bottom to the top, and start Paying Your Dues!

Ron Vanberun (Rico Edwards), Harmony Torres (Alexis B. Santiago), Logan Anderson (Chris Moore), Hunter Thomas (Gannon Miller), and Claire Nguyen (ShanShan Jin), are five millennials struggling to flourish into their ideal crafts.

Circulating film festivals in 2016, audiences everywhere will get a glimpse into the lives of these five individuals fighting their way to the peak in the entertainment world (that’s finally diversifying). With this dope and new eye-opening television series, directed by Rico Edwards, viewers everywhere will experience how fantasyland quickly disappears while reality sets in.

Like most young adults in college, each cast member anticipated having it all: college degree, loyal spouse, family time, nightlife grooves, fancy cars, luxury homes and most of all rewarding non-traditional careers. Although they’ve completed four years and earned a college degree, they soon get hit hard with the truth. Not only have they accrued plentiful debt to last a lifetime, but they each also have their own personal struggles that they never expected. So, how do they chase after The American Dream and make it a reality? They have ambitions and goals that can wrap around the globe; however, you’ll have to watch and see where it leads them.

With the population having 0.8% actors, 0.4% producers and directors, 0.5% dancers and choreographers, and 1.9% musicians and singers, according to , it’s no wonder that this diverse group of friends endure social issues in today’s society, but fight to overcome struggles of stagnant career holds, drug addictions, rape cases, loss of faith in the system, the –isms (racism and sexism), and overbearing parents.

With challenges everyone can relate to, you will be on the edge of your seat when you see how these diverse friends are Paying their Dues throughout their creative fields in the multicultural city of Houston, TX.

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Budding creator, director and producer, Rico Edwards, sheds light on relatable post-college life struggles with his new hit show, Paying Dues. “ I wanted to create a show where it shows the diversity in America while touching on the struggles that millennials face.” -Rico Edwards “Paying Dues” Director

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