Devin Finch takes over Fitzgeralds on Wednesdays as new comedian spotlight begins

We asked Devin Finch on a Tuesday night after seeing that he was recently hospitalized for his box wine obsession, when we could video one of his next Stand up performances to which he replied, “Fuck it, I’ll do it tomorrow.” The typical night on Wednesdays at Fitzgeralds now that Robert Ellis western night has moved on to greater pastures is an open mic series, curated by a mustache man named John Mills-McCoin  where local talent is given their 10 minutes of fame. Here is Devin Finches 10 minutes!

It is third go at standup and I know we want more. Devin Finch’s spotlight has come after his comics have been featured on Vice, and after producing a very addicting youtube show, titled Prime Time Bitch and Tupperware Party. Stars of the show include his mother, his brother, and a few lady friends. Previews of his latest artwork and comics can be seen on his blog of course at


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