Giant Princess Kills: Sidekick4G National Battle of the Bands Contest

Giant Princess played earlier today at Warehouse Live for  T-Mobile’s Nationwide Battle of the Bands show which celebrates the release of  the new Sidekick4G. Some cool highlights about the ‘show’ (and I mean show loosely because it was also some sort of a T-Mobile Sales team seminar) was that during the Q and A I found out about the origin of their band name, an old school video game of a Princess that gets big. They also made references to poverty when asked about the source for why they first started making music. The crowd laughed and toyed around the idea of a band from their city winning a grand prize of $35,000 for recording and marketing.

Backstage a camera man made reference to another artists in the contests being in the lead due to heavy tweeting amongst teenage girls. If it’s  posting of shameless Taylor Swift cover songs on Youtube that will win this contests I’m sure Giant Princess won’t stand a chance, but I don’t expect them to be too bothered by this.

Just by looking at the amount of Houston blogs, radio stations, and local bands that have showed their support for them in recent days,  its pretty clear to me anyways how important these unsigned artists are to this city. Luckily, the GP boys, and girl seemed more enthusiastic about having a good time with fans and friends who appreciate loud music and free samsung phones that do way more than the average pay as you go cricket nightmare. The band definitely represented Houston well, with these two songs performed live that especially melted my face off : My New favorite version of Sidewurld, and their newest, Phantom of the Opera. I left during the second outtake of Phantom of the Opera that they were forced to play, which I heard the band didn’t take too seriously. :) I could only imagine why.


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