Live Music with Horse & Everything You Need to Know about Life Through Animals

Footage is from a live performance held at the indiehouston house on 12/6/2010. We invited some friends for a BBQ and had a live projection of Life screened while local musician, Horse played some songs for us. He had no idea this was going to happen, but we are glad he ran with it. We recorded 18 songs and had a really amazing time doing so. We didn’t use a green screen because we enjoyed it a lot more seeing it performed live.

We had to pick only a few songs for this video because of our bandwidth limit this week, but will release more soon. Horse is Fernando Nava, Diego Esparza(who asked not to be filmed) and a few more friends which are still to be recruited into the new band. Horse exists mainly due to Nava’s love for writing music and performing. We hope our friends and new people enjoy this video and will have more to come. You can find out more about Horse from or at

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