Horsetx – Singing on the Porch with the Devil and the Theme Music for the End of the World

Video features Houston artist, Fernando Nava of Horse singing songs on the porch of Indiehouston’s world headquarters.

It is said that great musicians are easy to find if you only look. We hope you feel like looking today.

Songs are in english and spanish with subtitles to sing along to and include most importantly music that will challenge your take on the world, through the mind of someone we really believe is a genius. Music is from project Horse, which we will be calling HORSETX for search purposes. The music was recorded live on a Thursday night with no plan to be anything more than a couple of test songs to see how a new video recorder we bought would turn out. Song after song we felt our ears blessed and our love for music restored. Enjoy this video, and pass it on to the world!

Full download of the live songs from HorseTX available here (You might have to right click–>save as…)Horse-on-Porch-mp3

For more Horse music and free downloads visit or why don’t you watch this…


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