Midtown is Burning

Mais Midtown HoustonHouston is changing at an lightning rate.  For instance, the Washington Corridor, seemed to have been gentrified overnight.  Of course, it wasn’t this fast, but looking back, it just seems like it was too soon.  I miss the old string of Latino resale shops on Washington.  You won’t find these anymore.  The same thing is happening in Midtown, although it bothers me less, because it has been a bit of a wasteland for a while, although the Vietnamese restaurants in Midtown have always flourished.  Midtown used to be that neglected valley of small buildings between the peaks at the Medical Center  and Downtown.  New apartments that look like massive lego pieces are beginning to sit their rotund ugly asses between the two economic centers of the Med Center and DT.  It seems a new breed of people has been migrating to the cheap inner city living that Houston has to offer, alot more recently.  For land developers, this is great.  Too bad they build things that look like the Ventana, and that other monstrosity on Milam.  Midtown Houston has also seen a rash of new club developments, just as the Washington Corridor saw a year and a half ago.  Land development is going to be interesting as Houston continues to morph into a culturally significant destination.  I am looking forward to the new development of the block near Alabama and Main St. by the owner of The Continental Club, and Big Top.  He is building a variety of new businesses a block over, including a restaurant.  Houston is an exciting place to be.  Blink and it changes.


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