And They’re back…… Mathlete’s New EP

I remember a clumsy awkward man on stage, guitar in hand, belching lyrics of strange and yet familiar love and hopes that were never quite reached. This was a few years ago and that man was Joe Mathlete front man and driving force behind the Mathletes. (Think Freaks and Geeks) Well Joe has become one of our good friends but it all began as us being one huge fan of his. Over the years i have caught many of his performances and seen him play in our home, so yeah it was a little disappointing to hear that there would be no more Mathletes. Kinda took me by surprise. Thank God Joe is a FILTHY LIAR!! The Mathletes are back and have just released a new EP and have pending a full release next year.

London Calling XP is exactly what we hoped to hear, atleast I did. Wrapped in this album are some songs I don’t think he has ever put down in an album but has played live. (I hate Math) Im glad to hear that his extensive catalog is finally making onto an album. For of those of you who may have never heard The Mathletes, they are what you can call nerds who learned to play instruments, and  I say that in the most complimentary and endearing way, who seem to always know how to say what you feel or think(“My favorite pop songs are not that popular and if they ever where now they are just cliches”). Welcome back guys. Can’t wait for the next album.

The Mathletes – I hate Math
The Mathletes – Hey There 21st Century!

Download the Free Ep here


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