DAD HORSE EXPERIENCE and THE LUKAS FAMILY to headline concert at Khon’s Rooftop.

German Folk-Gospel singer makes Texas debut in Houston, Texas on September 13 at Khon’s rooftop (above Khon’s Wine Bar).

THE DAD HORSE EXPERIENCE reflects the conflict of salvation and damnation through the sound of

torment and hope. In the tradition of the traveling gospel singer/wandering folk preacher, Dad Horse,

armed with his banjo, kazoo, and foot bass pedal (the traditional tools of his ilk), comes to Houston as

a part of his tour of the Southern United States. The show will happen on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13

date arranged via coincidence, but the subtle connection of Friday the 13 themes is serendipitously appropriate.

Dad Horse has a sound and performance that is easy to relate to and share. He’s the confession that

was already at the tip of your tongue, you just needed the courage to let it go. This will be Dad Horse’

first time in Texas, yet his style of “Keller Gospel” will sound right at home in Houston.

Dad Horse will be supported by THE LUKAS FAMILY, an original Houston act that fills out the

songwriting talent of LUKE LUKAS with a full band arrangement that includes the harmonies of RAW

Music Award winning songwriter CLORY MARTIN, Ryan Galbraith (DEVIL KILLING MOTH), and Doug

Falk (THE FREE RADICALS). The band will play many songs from the recently soft-released “The Hand

From Texas” album, selections from Lukas’ back catalogue, as well as covers of traditional songs in

the style and tradition of LEADBELLY, WOODY GUTHRIE, and THE CARTER FAMILY. Other local

songwriters and acts with similar “roots” sounds will also be on the bill, to be announced closer to

A visual show will accompany the music, curated by LUKRATIVE VISUAL PRODUCTS with selections

from local filmmakers and videographers as well as other short films and video clips. Themes of the

visual show will match the rustic and traditional style of the performers with a nod to the modern.


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