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As I go from show to show I tend to come across bands I haven’t heard before or meet new and interesting people. Houston is filled with a gargantuan amount music from metal to country to hip- hop and I will venture to say that I, no matter how hard I try,  have not heard nearly one tenth of it.  But, as I begin on my quest to do so I do come across amazing things that I feel obligated to share with you  and everyone I know. I am going to attempt to do this on a more regular basis and I’m hoping that with everyones help I will be able to show you something new, something local, something that you may or may have not heard or seen but will hopefully like. So I am gonna invite you to recommend bands, artists, simply anyone that is doing anything interesting here in our fair city.

About two weeks ago I caught Chase Hamblin, now I know he is not new to the scene and has been around for a while, but in all honesty I had not seen him play. The show was awesome and it seems that his full live band has at least one familiar face for me, Robert Ellis was sitting in on drums. Chase Hamblin and his music seems to have stepped right out of a time warp. He delivers a very upbeat happy sound that makes you feel secure though if you listen carefully there is a deeper more realistic message being dispensed. Simply put if you ever have had any kind of love for The Sgt Peper’s Lonely Hearts Club you will love this guy.  Here are just a few songs that you can listen and hear what you think.

Chase Hamblin – Never Let You Go

Chase Hamblin – A Fine Time

Just a reminder If anyone has any suggestions of local musicians, artists or anyone doing anything of interst just let drop me a line at

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