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Austin City Limits 2017 Recap: The Show Must Go On FPSF: Lightning Strikes Twice, Sparks Fly at Free Press FPSF Interviews – Us. ACL Interviews: Melanie Martinez ACL Interviews: Emily Wolfe Oh Honey Talk New ‘With Love’ EP GIANT PRINCESS Music Video for “Gunplay” New Music from The TonTons Live Music with Horse & Everything You Need to Know about Life Through Animals Listen Listen & John Little Red Trower’s Knife Throwing Act
Austin City Limits 2017 Recap: The Show Must Go On
FPSF: Lightning Strikes Twice, Sparks Fly at Free Press
FPSF Interviews – Us.
ACL Interviews: Melanie Martinez
ACL Interviews: Emily Wolfe
Oh Honey Talk New ‘With Love’ EP
GIANT PRINCESS Music Video for “Gunplay”
New Music from The TonTons
Live Music with Horse & Everything You Need to Know about Life Through Animals
Listen Listen & John Little Red Trower’s Knife Throwing Act
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The Houston Blues: An Interview with The Beans

Within the year following the release of their self-titled debut album, hometown rockers The Beans have quite apparently taken over the Houston music scene. It’s Brendan Hall (drums), Sam Griffin (vocals), Christian Galatoire (guitar), and Daniel Taylor’s (bass) raw, gritty rock and roll, modern-day psychedelic sound that has made its mark on listeners and propelled the band to playing on the same stages as Alabama Shakes, Japandroids, and Passion Pit.

Along with Austin-based band The Couch and The Docs who hail from Bryan, Texas, The Beans will be “melting faces” and “shaking asses” this Friday, January 17th at their highly-anticipated show at Fitzgeralds upstairs. See what The Beans had to say about the big show, as well as the Houston music scene, below, and make sure to get your tickets for this Friday. Doors are at 8.

What has been a major change you have seen since the release of your debut album, ‘The Beans’, in January 2013?

I think the material on ‘The Beans’ really lends itself to an album format because they are songs that people seem to appreciate the more that they hear them.  I feel that things have continuously escalated from there because the more people appreciate and like your music the more they share it, which leads to playing bigger shows, which leads to more people being exposed to your music, which leads to playing more shows outside of Houston, which leads to getting asked to play Free Press Summerfest and New Years Eve, which leads to more exposure, etc.  Also, the release of our first album gave us great drive and focus on what are goals are as musicians.  It also, strangely, spurred us to try and improve and begin writing and performing new material. We probably have enough material for a second album and we plan to begin that process very shortly.

Your music has been revered for its raw, psychedelic, throwback grittiness. Who has been your sole influences while writing and recording your music?

Revered? That’s a lovely sentiment. The band’s influences are wide, varied, and forever evolving. I think that although we may have been unaware of it at the time realism is the strongest influence on the album.  It is something we are more aware of now writing songs for the second album that what we like best and what people can connect with most are honest emotions plainly put and honestly plaid.  That is the pinnacle of what we strive for.  I also think being barflies has had a large impact on our music, the more that we have played outside of Houston the more I have realized that the average person who frequents any dive anywhere at almost any age will probably dig at least a couple of our songs and that is a really good feeling.  I think as we grow more confident as a band we are doing more to establish ourselves apart from our influences, but you can definitely hear some of Junior Kimbrough, Townes Van Zandt, Lightin’ Hopkins, Charles Mingus, and Wilco in our music.

The Beans perform “What You’ve Always Wanted” at Fitzgeralds

Listening to your album, ‘The Beans’, it sometimes sounds like the songs are live recordings of a pure, passionate jam session. What is the recording process like for you guys? Is it this natural and authentic? 

Personally I think the album is more of a simulated rawness, but we decidedly wanted it to have a live and natural sound and it is flattering to hear that it sounds pure.  Honestly, I don’t think we were all at Sugarhill at the same time more than an hour or two while making the album which is remarkable because the whole process lasted about 9 months.  Brendan went in and recorded the drums to a click track by himself and we all built off of that individually.  There are light drum samples and percussion, some guitar doubling and overdubbing, and lots of organ that we can’t reproduce live, but the album is largely just how we play the songs and in that sense it is authentic.  There is no auto-tuning or playing the same lick over and over again until it is absolutely perfect, or anything like that.  The philosophy was more get your point across and move on.  Along with our producer, John Griffin, we tried to create the best possible natural tone, push ourselves for the most passionate performances and tried not worry about our mistakes because they add to the frenzy of the album.  Basically, recording is really fucking hard.

In what ways has being from Houston impacted the band’s dynamic, or your music, and why do you think it’s important to stay true to your roots? 

I think Townes Van Zandt said it best, “If you can’t catch the blues in Houston, man, you can’t catch them anywhere.”  Houston is all about the blues and the blues is at the core of every note that we play.  I think that growing up listening to local and regional artists like Lightnin’ Hopkins, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, and others has shaped our ideals of raw, poetic, and real songs, real recordings, of unadulterated passion and spurts of humor.  If you add to that base, some psychedelia, and growing up in our modern era you essentially have the Beans.  We are not purists, but we love and respect the tradition that we come from and we could not stray too far from it without drastically changing ourselves.

What other local artists have you guys been into lately? 

We will always and forever support the funk odyssey that is The Journey Agents.  We have jammed a lot with Nathan Quick and are excited to hear the release that he is working on.  Also, Daniel has played with Alycia Miles in the past and really enjoys her music as well as everyone else from the Renaissance Suite.  We haven’t had a chance to go to a show yet, but we were recently introduced to Mad Maude and the Hatters and from what we have heard we love their vocal harmonies – if we had 1/3 of their harmony talent we would be a much better band.

What can we expect from your show at Fitzgeralds on the 17th with The Docs and The Couch? 

Hours of really good modern blues based rock.  A raw and unfiltered exposure of ourselves. You can expect a sweaty and sultry journey from stage to audience and back again.  We want to melt your face and shake your ass.


Coachella Announces 2014 Lineup

Let the music festivals begin! Coachella has announced their 2014 lineup, and judging from it, the Indio, California valley is definitely shaping up as the place to be this April. The festival takes place April 11-13 and April 18-20. Headlining will be OutKast (reunited, and it feels so good), Muse, and Arcade Fire, who headlined in 2011.

Other performers include Disclosure, Neutral Milk Hotel, Lana Del Rey, The Replacements, The Knife, Zedd, Ellie Goulding, Queens of the Stone Age, Pharrell, Lorde, MGMT, Beck, and Calvin Harris. Check out the full list below.


Nightmare Before Christmas Costume Ball Friday 13th at The Continental Club

Definitely weird enough to post about :) and on Friday the 13th!

Concert-Event-Cont-ClubWHO: Invincible Czars (Austin), Glass the Sky (Houston)

WHAT: Nightmare Before Christmas Costume Ball – Celebrating 10th annual Invincible Czars Nutcracker Suite

WHEN:  Friday the 13th of December 2013 10:00 PM

WHERE: Continental Club Houston 3700 Main St. Houston 77002 713-529-9899



Hunter Hunted to open for Fun. In Houston, Texas Sunday October 6, 2013

We are giving away 2 free tickets to Sundays show with Fun. and Hunter Hunted. “RT I want #HHTix @ IndieHouston @HunterHunted123″ for a chance to win a pair of tickets to see Hunter Hunted open for Fun. at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion



Lastly, if we could include the iTunes buy link to their EP, that would be great. Let me know if you need anything

Buy link:



Indie band Typhoon to play Houston House of Blues October 10th

The band Typhoon will play a show at the House of Blues (Bronze Peacock) on October 10th


Typhoon is an American indie rock band from Oregon.

The band has eleven members. They have released four albums, two EPs, a split 7-inch record withOlympia-based band Lake, and have contributed to a number of compilations. The band originated in Salem, Oregon in 2005 but is now based in Portland, Oregon. They are signed to the indie record label Tender Loving Empire.


Typhoon’s music is marked by complicated arrangements and careful orchestration. Live performances routinely involve 12 or more band members playing at once. According to Lauren Rosenthal at mySpoonful which describes new music: “The group masterfully combines indie rock instrumentals and vocals with violins, percussion, hand claps, xylophone, horns and a choir of other instruments, making for inspiring and catchy songs.

Their early recordings reveal a greater degree of experimentation with various styles, including a number of “sea shanties”, country western and Eastern European-inspired songs. Their more recent output, including their album Hunger & Thirst and its companion EP, A New Kind of House, show a more focused and consistent sound, and a greater focus on creating a cohesive thematic through-line. Many of the songs are preoccupied with mortality and directly reference lead singer and primary songwriter Kyle Morton’s own struggle with Lyme Disease as a child.


Empire of the Sun @ Warehouse Live, Houston on 09/20/2013

Empire of the Sun is playing Warehouse Live in Houston Sept 20th! For tickets, click here.

The band just released its latest album “Ice On The Dune” in June and the new single “Alive” is killing it – #1 Billboard Club Hit, #1 HypeMachine artist & track, support from KCRW & KROQ, performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, press support from Rolling Stone, Billboard, Associated Press and more, plus an out-of-this-world video shot by the folks at JJ Abrams production company.

“Empire of the Sun gets it right. Wherever you dance this summer, you will be dancing to this record.” – Associated Press

“Everything about Empire of the Sun is larger than life: The band name, the futuristic stage personas, the Dune-inspired album art and – most importantly – the music”– Rolling Stone

“It’s hard not to love every minute of ‘Alive’” – Billboard


DAD HORSE EXPERIENCE and THE LUKAS FAMILY to headline concert at Khon’s Rooftop.

German Folk-Gospel singer makes Texas debut in Houston, Texas on September 13 at Khon’s rooftop (above Khon’s Wine Bar).

THE DAD HORSE EXPERIENCE reflects the conflict of salvation and damnation through the sound of

torment and hope. In the tradition of the traveling gospel singer/wandering folk preacher, Dad Horse,

armed with his banjo, kazoo, and foot bass pedal (the traditional tools of his ilk), comes to Houston as

a part of his tour of the Southern United States. The show will happen on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13

date arranged via coincidence, but the subtle connection of Friday the 13 themes is serendipitously appropriate.

Dad Horse has a sound and performance that is easy to relate to and share. He’s the confession that

was already at the tip of your tongue, you just needed the courage to let it go. This will be Dad Horse’

first time in Texas, yet his style of “Keller Gospel” will sound right at home in Houston.

Dad Horse will be supported by THE LUKAS FAMILY, an original Houston act that fills out the

songwriting talent of LUKE LUKAS with a full band arrangement that includes the harmonies of RAW

Music Award winning songwriter CLORY MARTIN, Ryan Galbraith (DEVIL KILLING MOTH), and Doug

Falk (THE FREE RADICALS). The band will play many songs from the recently soft-released “The Hand

From Texas” album, selections from Lukas’ back catalogue, as well as covers of traditional songs in

the style and tradition of LEADBELLY, WOODY GUTHRIE, and THE CARTER FAMILY. Other local

songwriters and acts with similar “roots” sounds will also be on the bill, to be announced closer to

A visual show will accompany the music, curated by LUKRATIVE VISUAL PRODUCTS with selections

from local filmmakers and videographers as well as other short films and video clips. Themes of the

visual show will match the rustic and traditional style of the performers with a nod to the modern.



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