Free Press Summer Fest 2010 Lineup June 5th-6th Flaming Lips, Slim Thug, Giant Princess, Ra Ra Riot, & More!

Get Ready Houston, Texas because the Flaming Lips are coming to town. Kudos to the Free Press team and Pegstar for pulling this together and sharing the love. I don’t know how the mainstream media can avoid this festival as its sure to be even more packed than anything we’ve previously seen. Slim Thug, Flaming Lips, Stars, RaRa Riot, Lympic System, Wild Moccasins, Fat Tony, Giant Princess, 30 foot fall, Young Mammals, Buxton, Black Congress, Ghost Mountain, B L A C K I E, Muhammad Ali, scroll down – Shit! Houston we’ve got a lot of badass bands ready to make a dent in this city. Houston, a city of millions of people are going to know somethings going on. Surely Houston’s Fox News, WB39, TheBuzz, 104 K.R.B.E., should want to spread the word. Right?

I hope so, because it only makes sense that when people begin to see a moderate amounts of success from these types of festivals – That more will come? Or someone is going to see that there is money in our scene and if so is that a good thing? Who knows, maybe we’ll start to hear Do You Realize on the Buzz, or get a few more venues opened up that aren’t doing covers of  Papa Roach songs. I mean I heard the Pixies at Home Depot and everyone was still shopping the same.  There’s a hell of a lot of uncertainty in this post. Obama Change? -Naaaah – This festival will do just fine.

And 4 months should be enough time for all Houston bands to start their screen printing, CD burning, Posters, Videos, websites, etc., if they haven’t already done so for SXSW. Also, by way of email -we got the news to spread the word For a limited time the first 500 passes for the weekend are ONLY $15 if you go to and buy your tickets now! This is a good deal as the price is sure to double- Anyone who stood in line last year should remember what a pain in the ass it was.



    1. Props! Glad to see Lymbyc Systym on the line-up. And everything else!



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