Houston Music Artists: Jana Hunter

Myspace: Jana Hunter

sxsw jana hunter indiehouston dayparty Houston Music Artists: Jana Hunter

MP3: Jana Hunter :: Sugarhill Sessions : Sleep

Jana Hunter was just recently added to our March 20th SXSW Day Party. We are proud to say that she is an independent artist from Houston, TX and is now touring extensively throughout the greater part of the United States.

Catch Jana Hunter Playing Indiehouston.org SXSW Day Party: 12:30PM RSVP

More Information about our March 20th show Here

orange show Houston Music Artists: Jana Hunter

Jana Hunter will also be joining Beach House on March 17 at the Orange Show Center for Visionary Arts.  This show will be her kickoff from Houston before she settles into the swing of SXSWfrom March 18-March 21.  Beach House will also be relocating to Austin following the Houston show.  This show will likely sell out quickly so be sure to get our tickets soon.  You can get your tickets here or by calling 713.926.6368.  The tickets will go on sale February 16 at 10:00 AM.


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