Monacles/Gtrs Frontman Jon Patrick’s New Band Davey Crocket on Tour + Upcoming Houston Shows

You may remember Jon Patrick from the Monacles or Gtrs, or maybe you heard of him from his newest band, Davey Crockett, which has been on tour traveling through New Orleans, North Carolina, and up towards Washington D.C. this past week. We got the first opportunity to hear his newest project about 3 weeks ago when Mr. Jon Patrick announced he will be moving back to the Texas region. During our greetings we were also introduced to the fact that he had just asked  Jaime Nava of Giant Princess to join him on drums.  Yup, that’s right.A two piece band emerges and we’re sure glad they picked the indiehouston house for a practice space. What came out of the room became a 5-7 song E.P, freshly recorded with Chris Ryan of Dead City Sound. I could try to describe the music, but I’ll just quote the lead singer of Giant Princess, Colin Hedrick: “They play Loud and Fast, it’s Tough Guy Rock with a Heart of Gold.” How can you  go wrong with that? You can check out demo recordings of the band online at their myspace page or live at their already confirmed Houston shows next month.

Davey Crockett - Jaime Nava (Left) Jon Patrick (Right)

“They play Loud and Fast, it’s Tough Guy Rock with a Heart of Gold”

Apr 21 2010 8:00P
FCDC DC!!!!!!!!!!!, Washington DC
Apr 22 2010 8:00P
Dcnine Washington DC w/ THE POINTS/ tba DC, Washington DC
May 1 2010 12:00P
cont club/bigtop/pachinko hut Houston, Texas
May 21 2010 8:00P
The Mink Houston, Texas


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