Our Wonderful City

I have visited hundreds of other cities in my life and lived in a dozen or so, but Houston has a vibe that I have only felt a mimicry of in other cities… You feel it when your down town, of montrose/westhimer, in the parks and museums, it’s really hard to describe. It’s this conundrum that the city displays… We are the type of city that has you wearing boots in the morning and a fancy attire at night (and sometimes the reverse). It’s got art and culture and beauty everywhere, but also taco trucks, rodeos, and monster trucks. It’s the leader in science in many specialties, even though it’s still technically in the good ol’ south.

This city is huge!!!!! But dispute that, when you walk down the street, you can still smile at folks and hear perfect strangers striking up a good conversation. The people are a bit wacky as seen in our art car parade, and our festivals, but they have class and kindness. It’s got some of the worlds best shopping and heart surgeons. It’s a city of conundrums alright.

I have never lived in a city with so much to do, and made so many friends quite so quicky as Houston. Once you open your heart and feel that vibe of the city and you know what I mean, then you have found a truly magnificent home.

From: Reddit.com/r/hosuton


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