New Myspace Analytics – Artists Analytics Features – Helps Artists Understands Who Is Listening and Where using Myspace Artists Profiles!


MySpace just recently launched a Myspace Artist Analytics area so that you can get deeper insight into who is listening to your music and where.For many years now, people have been complaining about not being able to use myspace to track analytics data from fans. – Much like a website that attempts to use marketing data from google analytics to increase sale- myspace has enabled the following features to drive sales of albums for artists:
· Geographic breakdown of friends,visitors by country, state, and city

· How many people are listening to your songs

· A breakdown of both your visitors and friends by gender and age

· How many friends you have

· How many profile views you have

· Blog statistics, including views, posts, comments, and kudos by day, week or since Analytics launch

The only thing we at indiehouston wish it had was refferer information – that way artists could know where their traffic is coming from – blogs, keyword searches, direct?


Here are a few tips for people who have a CD Baby account from – CD Baby
1. Use all the data that MySpace is giving you – Make sure you have prominent links on your MySpace page that point to your albums on sale on the internet. Once properly linked, you can use the CD Baby hit counter in conjunction with your MySpace analytics to see how effectively you’re driving visitors to a place where they can buy your album. Once you have a good idea of the percentage of folks on MySpace who feel compelled to click through to potentially buy your album, you can start making changes to your MySpace page to drive more people to buy. Move the Buy link to a different spot on the page. Try a different Link design. You can continue to track your traffic to see if any of these changes drive a higher % of visitors to a page where they can actually buy your music.

2. Use the gender and age info to improve your page and content – Many times an artist’s core audience is different from what they might have expected, so having a true understanding of who is listening is a big plus. Also, your MySpace audience might be different compared to your audience on other web sites and social networks.

3. Plan your tour based on where your fans are – Analytics can point to promotional and fan outreach efforts that are really working, so be sure to take note when particular actions cause a bump in traffic and song plays.

4. Get more streams using their Song Statistics – The song you think is the best, might not be the fan favorite.


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