The Dead Revolt: The Substance of Things Not Seen

Recently I was given a CD for review…. The Dead Revolt. They just released their  EP The Substance Of Things Not Seen. I told them I would review it. I first wanna mention that I do all of this for no pay. I work a normal job like everyone else, I make enough to get by and to go to school. I don’t have hours everyday to dedicate to doing this, though I really wish I did. I do sometimes get really backed up with things to do, like most people, so you gotta be patient. Blowing people off is not something I tend to do. But seriously, BE PATIENT! That is the important part, letting me know that you don’t wanna waste a cd if it is not reviewed is not really the way to go. Don’t always expect that because you send an album in that it WILL be reviewed. Thats just not how it works. There are so many bands here in Houston and in Texas, places like Indiehouston, Space City Rocks, Houston Press and Free Press get many many submissions in and I’m sure much like I do they try to be fair, professional and prompt but again not always possible.  So without further ado…..

Lets begin by the over all sound of The Dead Revolt. Obvious Mars Volta Influence, a tinge of Pink Floyd. But overall rough. Personally it is not very tight and needs a bit more work. “A” for effort and for amazing guitar licks but the overall the sound just needs more time to develop. It still doesn’t weave together the way it could, which is a problem amongst many new bands. Thats not to say I dislike the entire album. It does have its good points for example Vulpecula/ Lunar Mare. Thats really what I believe the entire aim of the album should be. This is a sound that can define The Dead Revolt. It perfectly mates the vocals (which in some songs over bearing) with the guitar which is truly the high point of the song as it tears from one extreme of sitting on your couch smoking a joint to the other of running for your life. Look Guys, you have a great beginning, give it time stay diligent and don’t be deterred by people like myself that may not be the biggest fans.

The Dead Revolt – Vulpecula/ Lunar Mare


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