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Young Mammals – Wires and Buttons from Rick Darge on Vimeo.

“Delilah” Mark Armes from mark armes on Vimeo.


“Probably the grand-daddies of H-POP, Young Mammals had some serious sophomore expectations to overcome. Instead of delivering a retread of its brilliant EP, the band showed it is more than a one trick pony. This song is simply gorgeous. Carlos Sanchez’s vocals smile at you, inviting you to join the band on some undisclosed adventure, while Cley Miller’s guitar – one of the most distinctive in Houston pop – leaps effortlessly from hook to hook. The driving drums and bass bring the whole thing home as only this band can.”
Ramon Medina, 29-95. July 24 2009

“They play the raw and aggressive pop rock that brings to mind bands such as the Wombats or Los Campesinos!, but has a fresh-faced spark. Infectiously peppy songs like “Delilah” and “Wires and Buttons” are perfectly tailored for the high school- and college-aged indie kid crowd — too bad the show is only open to people over 21.”
Brian Austin, Express Night Out. July 13 2009

“The Young Mammals mix classic influences such as The Beatles and The Beach Boys with exciting punk bands such as the Minutemen and Sonic Youth. Their upbeat performances have given them a reputation for consistently enticing a crowd to move.”
Yan Digilov, Houston Community Newspapers. July 29 2008

“The Young Mammals closed the night with their typical verve. The band is one of Houston’s best and a perfect example of why those who decry Houston bands as mediocre need to get out more. Their songs and performances spring with energy and the band engages in the kind of jocular repartee during their set that is simply endearing.”
Ramon Medina, Free Press Houston. July 14 2008

“They play raw and loose, with complex songs built around fire and ice dynamics of restrained verses, exploding choruses and linear bridges between the verses of their songs that give them life from start to finish.”
Lance Scott Walker, 002 Houston, October 2006

“The Dimes – those clean-cut just fresh out of high school kids that you’ve ignored all this time! Yeah, those guys? Well, while you were fucking around this summer, they went and made a fucking great album. I don’t mean great for a local band, I mean a great fucking album that is great without apology.”
Ramon Medina, Linus Pauling Quartet Blog, August 2006


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