Indiehouston Alien Encounter with Listen Listen, Airon Paul Dugas, Western Giants, Baruch the Scribe

This past weekend the folks at Indiehouston were delighted to hear with just one day’s notice that some touring acts out of Denton, Texas- The Western Giants and Baruch the Scribe, would be playing a mostly acoustic set downstairs from our office alongside local music heroes Listen Listen and Airon Paul Dugas. Now if you think that’s a surprise, you should have been there during the Western Giants set when reports of an alien attack emptied the house.

Floating lights filled the sky and were moving in unison. Fear was creeping in. I counted 36 floating lights. When my girlfriend’s father who fixes planes looked puzzled at the sky, I felt a little pee come out. When someone shouted “it’s the Cubans!” I felt a little more nervous. We tweeted the incident because we wanted to be the first…“Floating lights in the sky! Go outside now and retweet. Alien shit?”

Luckily, we learned that there was a Floating Lantern ritual going on as part of the International Festival celebrations. Ha!

The night was filled with all sorts of special surprises, including “the keg that wouldn’t float.”  The bands that played were great, and thanks to the newly opened 24hr Daycare  across the street from the Indiehouse, even a Houston Police officer got to hear Listen Listen’s last three songs. This was the best foot-stomping, trumpet-blowing, folk up rival, alien adventure I’ve ever seen.



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