Dan A.I.U. Higgs, Stellar OM Source, J.D. Emmanuel, Weird Weeds & Roomies! Friday 2/5 at The Husk

higgs_cmyk_forprintDan Higgs, who previously played in the revered post-hardcore band Lungfish and enjoyed a career as a groundbreaking tattoo artist, bring his fevered, shamanic dedication to altering consciousness to bear on a variety of instruments, including the banjo, jawharp and human voice. Stellar OM Source, on tour from Holland, takes a similarly metaphysical approach to the possibilities of analog synthesizers. Of special interest to Houstonians is the performance by JD Emmanuel, a pioneer of the sort of cosmic-minded minimalist synth music now being championed across the world under the dubious term Hypnagogic Pop. This will be his first live performance in 28 years and we are glad to have him.

Austin’s Weird Weeds bring their diverse backgrounds in improvisation, minimalist composition and other sundry sound forms into an unlikely focus on off-kilter but undoubtedly beautiful pop songs. The duo Roomies!, featuring Doug Falk and Ryan Edwards, produce a mesmerizing sheen of long-tone improvisation for contrabass and electric guitar.

Any one of these groups would be worth seeing on their own. To have them all convene on one night is truly a stroke of good fortune for us & we hope sincerely that you will be able to attend. The show will take place at The Husk (2808 Milam), beginning at 8 pm. Because there are three out-of-town bands on the bill, there is an $8 cover. You may view a flyer designed by Houston artist Michael Curtin by clicking the link below.


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