Guerilla Foco Clan – “Reflection” Music Video

guerilla foco houston band

Houston’s underground rap scene has it all, from flawless flow’s to grime rap to electro-rap fuled white rappers, Guerilla Foco Clan.

The group, consisting of cousins, Damon Nash (18) and Chess (18), contributing rapped vocals and Maggie (17) contributing sung vocals, bring to the table sounds and styles that rap has previously been unexposed to.

Damon Nash heads the groups production completely on his own creating everything from bass heavy electro anthems to chopped up and redone versions of Grizzly Bear and the Beach Boys.

Their new album, “This is for the Night Life” is slated to be released sometime within the next couple months. An album that reflects their lifestyle in Houston’s very own Montrose area.

They’ve released a couple tracks on their myspace and bandcamp, one of which features an appearance by Fat Tony, and another one that may become Houston’s summer anthem with a hook that goes, “smoke it up, po it up, light it up, put mo in the cup, that be the motto of the days when we to it up” off of their song, “Reflection”

GFC has just recently released the music video of “Reflection” that depicts probobly the most massive collage of incriminating scenes within the last decade.

Filmed on a cheap sony handycam Damon Nash found in his closet, $0 was spent in the production of this video. They simply recorded their night lives.



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