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5/14 Help Grrrl Parts in their time of need..

For those of you who are not aware, on April 9th, GRRRL Parts car was broken into and most of their DJ equipment was stolen. Those mofo’s knew who GRRRL Parts was for the obvious reason that the car was jimmied and no other car was tampered with in the parking lot. Karma is a bitch and that sucka will get theirs…. BUT…. in the mean time, GRRRL Parts needs the love and support of everyone right now so that they can raise money to buy their equipment so that they can continue throwing awesome parties in Houston that many people know and love. ♥

5 dollars recommended donation but if you got more help these ladies out. Grrrl Parts have been working hard at providing us with a fun night week after week and we must ban together to help them continue to do what they do best. Many people, from musicians Djs and artists have banned together to show their love so please show yours by coming out and having a good time…. pass it on.



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