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5/29 L.A.X. @ Walter’s Win a pair of tickets

L.A.X. has sure been making the rounds, already landing spots at SXSW, ACL and FFF. They have been on the move since L.A.X.’s birth in 2005 as an elctro duo quickly establishing themselves in Austin’s Party scene with the release of  “The L EP”.  In 2009 L.A.X. took on an expansion of sorts adding on an additional 4 members bringing it to its current  incarnation of  dance floor destroying digitally synthesized cultural fusion. Currently on tour celebrating the release of their 2nd in th trilogy of single letter album releases. The show is sure to be amazing with acts including our own Fat Tony, Hospital, Sensory Semories and Dj sets by one of my favorites Grrrl Parts.

Ok so for the give away….. If you want your chance to win a pair of tickets to catch L.A.X.  with an amazing line up go to our facebook page and post “L.A.X. 5/29 at Walter’s Courtesy Of Indiehouston and Walter’s On Washington” contest will close Thursday at Midnight.


5/14 Help Grrrl Parts in their time of need..

For those of you who are not aware, on April 9th, GRRRL Parts car was broken into and most of their DJ equipment was stolen. Those mofo’s knew who GRRRL Parts was for the obvious reason that the car was jimmied and no other car was tampered with in the parking lot. Karma is a bitch and that sucka will get theirs…. BUT…. in the mean time, GRRRL Parts needs the love and support of everyone right now so that they can raise money to buy their equipment so that they can continue throwing awesome parties in Houston that many people know and love. ♥

5 dollars recommended donation but if you got more help these ladies out. Grrrl Parts have been working hard at providing us with a fun night week after week and we must ban together to help them continue to do what they do best. Many people, from musicians Djs and artists have banned together to show their love so please show yours by coming out and having a good time…. pass it on.


Fat Tony

Myspace: Fat Tony


fat tony sxsw indiehouston Houston Music Artists: Fat Tony

If you haven’t seen Fat Tony perform you are missing a real good show. This is the guy who was voted best underground rapper of 2008 in the Houston Press. Fat Tony is furious on stage, but he is also energetic and fun. He is upbeat message and dynamic performance engages the audience. Half the time I get a chance to see Fat Tony they seems like an unscheduled guerilla style throw downs. He just grabs a mic and suddenly the silence between sets becomes a beat driven lyrically escalalted dance party. Now he is rollin’ with Devin the Dude. When I saw that, I was like MAYNHOLUP!

MP3: Fat Tony :: Invasion


Dave wranglerdave wrangler feat. h-town’s finest “H-town’s Delight” feat. h-town’s finest “H-town’s Delight”

Earlier this summer at Boondocks, Houston was blessed with a performance of “HTown’s Delight,” (an HTown version of “Rapper’s Delight”) by the group unofficially known as “HTown’s Finest.” This Houston underground collaboration is comprised of some of Houston’s heaviest hitters, such as CornbreaddFat TonyAl Deacon (A.Hughes), You(genious)Karina Nistal and yours truly, Dave Wrangler.

Houston’s Best DJ Nominee
The Houston Press has nominated Dave Wrangler as Houston’s Best DJ for 2009. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are living – you can still vote until July 25th.  Thanks for your support friends!
Read More: Dave wranglerdave wrangler feat. h-town’s finest “H-town’s Delight” feat. h-town’s finest “H-town’s Delight”


The Young Mammals CD Release July 9th at Mangos

youngmammalsThe Upside is that there are a lot of really great shows coming up – Such as this Young Mammals Show. Unfortunately our site will be kind of quirky the next few weeks due to site maintenance. Many Apologies -Thank You!



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