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How To Make a Band Website in 1 hr without knowing a thing about html for Under $50 bucks!


SXSW Prep: Make a Website in 1 hr without knowing a thing about html using WordPress *and with Under $50 bucks! With SXSW approaching, we want every band/artists/business person in Houston to have a website. It makes you look more legitimate and it’s a great way to sell merch,cds, etc. We at Indiehouston don’t know how to code and neither do you. Simply follow these instructions and within an hour, you should have the start of a kickass website!

#1 First you are going to need a domain – We recommend Godaddy because they are cheap. Be careful though because they try to sell you on too many products you really don’t need – And use this coupon: cjc749fat at checkout so we can make sure you stay under poor band budget. Pick a good name too because after building links to your site, you don’t want to have to go back and change everything. If your bands name is already taken try adding the word music after domain to see if that’s available.

#2 Now your going to need hosting for your domains – We recommend Hostgator because you can host unlimited domains for one set price-which means if your in more than one band you pay one set fee for all of them rather than paying each one separately! -It costs About $10 bucks a month- Click Here to go to Hostgator or the image below first because indiehouston gets affiliate credit which helps pay for our own hosting. But wait -remember that Big Billboard you probably past off 45 – Enter the Word Houston at Checkout and you get the first month Free – This is crucial to saving money that I’m sure could go towards much more important things.


#3 Forward your domains Nameservers from godaddy or wherever you purchased the domain you are using to Hostgator – There are very easy to follow instructions to do this that come in the welcome email after signing up.Login to your godaddy page and click on the domain you purchased until you find an area titled nameservers – Change the current nameservers to the ones sent to you in the welcome email just by clicking on Nameservers (This forwards your domain to your hosting so you never have to pay godaddy’s high prices for services)

Heres a Screenshot


#4 Now you almost got a website – but now you need to decide if you want to learn to code or learn Indiehouston’s favorite program – WordPress!

The next steps require you to have already purchased a domain, a hostgator account, and forwarded your nameservers (There is a delay before the forwarding will work – It should take about 20 minutes – Go take a smoke break, get some food, then come right back to your computer so you can get this out of the way before SXSW. We at Indiehouston want to link to more than just your myspace page.

Part 2

Step 1 – log in to your cpanel through the link in the hostgator welcome email you should have gotten by now– your username and password should be in there as well – It will look like the following screenshots


Step 2 – Scroll down and click on add on domains. By default the first domain you setup with HG is ready to install wordpress in, but if you have other domains forwarded here you have to follow this next step. If you only have one domain and you used it to setup your hg account skip to step 4 under fantastico.


Step 3 Type in your other domains, and leave Document Root Blank, Enter a password, and then click Add Domain!


Step 4 Now go Back to your Cpanel Home Screen and scroll down till you find Fantastico De Luxe and double click it.


Step 5 Click on WordPress


Step 6 Click on New Installation


Step 6 Select the Domain you want to install WordPress on and enter a username and password


Step7 Print this page so you won’t forget your login information


Step 8 Open up a browser and go to – then login using the information you entered from the step above.


Step 9 Click on Appearance on the left under Dashboard – These are the screens you will be seeing to modify, create, and change up your website – Its kind of like a myspace page builder – or website maker for dummies tool


Step10 -Next as you can see there are not a lot of Themes you can choose from after a new installation – But there are 10,000,000s of themes on the internet which will help make your website look unique – For starters try doing a google search for themes. Once you have found one you kind of like save it to your computer and unzip it if you need to. Next you will need to install Filezilla or Cyber Duck. Open Filezilla up and then under host type in the same information you used for cpanel – only under host, type in the first domain you signed up with Hg.


Step 11 – The files on the right are the ones on your hosting account and on the left are files on your computer. Filezilla is intended for you to easily transfer files back and forth from your computer(Left) to to the Internet(right). Your website that is publicly viewed to the world will be under the folder on the right that says public_html


Step 12 Double click on public_html –> then double click your domain –> then double click wp-content –> then double click themes. This is the folder you want to drop your wordpress themes into.


Step 13 Go back to dashboard page from step 9 after dropping your theme into the themes folder – Now click on Appearance again – You should see the new theme you dropped into the theme folder in the previous step – Click Activate and it should look similar to what was advertised on the theme download page. That’s it – Now you can commence band practice.


After you  like your layout,add information like pictures, news, music, links-myspace,facebook,twitter,,etc.

Next your going to enjoy installing wordpress plugins-There are many that are useful for bands -here are a few: for Artists
Integrates your account into your website.

Manage all of your upcoming and past performances or events right from within WordPress, and display them using simple shortcodes or template tags on your WordPress-powered website.

Twitter Tools
Integrates your Twitter account into your website.

Gives you an inline music player and turns your whole page into a podcast (fans can subscribe via iTunes and whenever you post a new mp3, they’ll get it).

NextGen Gallery
Easy maintenance of photo galleries with some sleek browsing options.

Lets your readers easily share your posts via email, AIM, text message, Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Twitter, Blogger, Reddit and many more social sites.

Social Homes
Adds a sidebar widget containing a subtle list of all of your social homes including delicious, digg, facebook, flickr,, myspace, twitter, youtube, friendfeet etc.

Google Friend Connect Integration

Lets your fans join and create profiles and interact socially.
See an example here:

Flickr Thumbnails Photostream
This plug-in will let you show flickr photos directly from your blog

There are plenty more – if you have any problems, check back here or reply to this post -

To Install plugins – simply download them, unzip them, and move them to the right of filezilla inside the following folder

We hope this helps!


The Diamond Center: My Only Companion

June 9th the Diamond center released their 2nd album “My Only Companion”. Upon first listen my initial thoughts were”…. hmmmm…… Damn this is good” and not the they sent me a free  album so I gotta be nice kinda good but the this is something I am gonna put on my thumb drive and plug into my car stereo good. I truly want my friends to hear this, it has everything I love. These are the guys that shoulda played with Holly Golightly a few weeks back. The off kilter sounds of My only Companion can be best described as a experimental and psychedelic alt country with a splash of surf  all enhanced by a voice that both soothes and creeps you out simultaneously. (my best one sentence description)

The Diamond Center was a project started by Brandi Price and Kyle Harris in Athens, Georgia and has now expanded adding two more members including Price’s sister, Jana Price and  Alan Brown. Relocating to Lubbock, Texas and then on  to their current home Richmond, Virginia the Diamond Center is currently on tour supporting the release The Diamond Center is set to play Walter’s June 15th.  Here are two of my favorite songs from this release:

The Diamond Center – Dos Fridas

The Diamond Center – The Deer Pistol


The Diamond Center

Purchase Album


Ellypseas: Indescribable Colours

Ellypseas’ Indescribable Colours is set to release tonight at Dean’s but I was sent an advance copy. I’ve been a bit busy and it has taken me a while to get around to listening to it but I’m glad I did.

Indescribable Colours is gritty, live recordings laced together giving it a raw feeling which plays very well with the eclectic sound these guys have developed. A fusion of soul, jazz, progressive rock and experimental music, Indescribable Colours begins with a chaotic unorganized melody which gives way to a very clean pristine chiming of the guitar as Lizzo lets loose her very powerful vocals. (track 1: Ghosts) But wait, it isn’t till you reach Coffe Grinds that you can truly appreciate these guys. Mind you it is a 12 minute song which is long by any standards but never did it cease to impress me.  Coffee Grinds builds up layer by layer and with each new layer adding a new calm to the mood the song has already set. I’m gonna be honest, my favorite part of this song has to be the flute solo… COME ON…. how often is it that you hear a flute solo anymore? Not since the days of Jethro Tull has a flute been jammed so thoroughly but you know what I love it I really did that with the wailing guitar just made my day.

Get out, check these guys out and if you feel so inclined to pick up the album you wont be disappointed I can see good things coming from these guys in the future.

Ellypseas links




Young Mammals Music Videos



Young Mammals – Wires and Buttons from Rick Darge on Vimeo.

“Delilah” Mark Armes from mark armes on Vimeo.


“Probably the grand-daddies of H-POP, Young Mammals had some serious sophomore expectations to overcome. Instead of delivering a retread of its brilliant EP, the band showed it is more than a one trick pony. This song is simply gorgeous. Carlos Sanchez’s vocals smile at you, inviting you to join the band on some undisclosed adventure, while Cley Miller’s guitar – one of the most distinctive in Houston pop – leaps effortlessly from hook to hook. The driving drums and bass bring the whole thing home as only this band can.”
Ramon Medina, 29-95. July 24 2009

“They play the raw and aggressive pop rock that brings to mind bands such as the Wombats or Los Campesinos!, but has a fresh-faced spark. Infectiously peppy songs like “Delilah” and “Wires and Buttons” are perfectly tailored for the high school- and college-aged indie kid crowd — too bad the show is only open to people over 21.”
Brian Austin, Express Night Out. July 13 2009

“The Young Mammals mix classic influences such as The Beatles and The Beach Boys with exciting punk bands such as the Minutemen and Sonic Youth. Their upbeat performances have given them a reputation for consistently enticing a crowd to move.”
Yan Digilov, Houston Community Newspapers. July 29 2008

“The Young Mammals closed the night with their typical verve. The band is one of Houston’s best and a perfect example of why those who decry Houston bands as mediocre need to get out more. Their songs and performances spring with energy and the band engages in the kind of jocular repartee during their set that is simply endearing.”
Ramon Medina, Free Press Houston. July 14 2008

“They play raw and loose, with complex songs built around fire and ice dynamics of restrained verses, exploding choruses and linear bridges between the verses of their songs that give them life from start to finish.”
Lance Scott Walker, 002 Houston, October 2006

“The Dimes – those clean-cut just fresh out of high school kids that you’ve ignored all this time! Yeah, those guys? Well, while you were fucking around this summer, they went and made a fucking great album. I don’t mean great for a local band, I mean a great fucking album that is great without apology.”
Ramon Medina, Linus Pauling Quartet Blog, August 2006


My Name is John Michael and the 52 Week Journey

mynameisjohnmichael 590x392 My Name is John Michael and the 52 Week Journey

John Michael decided to form a band in late 2007 with the intent of releasing one song every week for a year. During the course of the year John Michael did daily vlogs updating fans. This prolific course he set on soon ballooned to a six piece band. Following the release of all 52 songs, fans voted on the songs and 13 made the album titled “The People That Come And Go.” With a focus on non-repetition the band produced 52 very different songs. The album captures the best of this diverse collection of songs. You can download all 52 songs here. While the year has come and gone, the band has evolved with an upcoming touring down the Gulf Coast. You can see them at Mango’s on May 29, 2009 with the Riff Tiffs.

MP3: My Name is John Michael :: Mirrors at Large
MP3: My Name is John Michael :: Althea and the Company Store
MP3: My Name is John Michael :: Misery Runs
MP3: My Name is John Michael :: Nothing But Memories

  • 3/19 – SXSW NOLA Soul Presents Party @ History Victory Grill+++ [ATX]
  • 3/21 – SXSW Blacklands Records Party @ Red Fez [ATX]
  • 3/22 – Presents w/ Japanther, Caddywhompus+++ @ Caroline Collective [HTX]
  • 3/28 – “The People That Come and Go” CD release w/ Matt Peoples Collective @ One Eyed Jacks [NOLA]
  • 4/4 – The Howlin’ Wolf [NOLA]
  • 4/10 – Martin’s [Jackson, Mississippi]
  • 4/24 – New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival @ Lagniappe Stage [NOLA]
  • 4/23 – Geronimo Music Festival [Lafeyette, Louisiana]
  • 5/16 – Snake Eyes Vinyl @ 3pm [ATX]
  • 5/16 – Club 1808 [ATX]
  • 5/21 – Carrolton Station w/ Andrew Duhon [NOLA]
  • 5/29 – Mango’s w/ Riff Tiffs [HTX]
  • 5/30 – Geronimo Music Festival [Lafayette, Louisiana]
  • 6/10 – Martin’s w/ Andrew Duhon [Jackson, MS]
  • 6/14 – Bonnaroo
  • 6/25 – Tipitina’s w/ Andrew Duhon [NOLA]
  • 7/11 – Alabama Music Box [Mobile, Alabama}
  • 8/07 – Blue Nile w/ The Modern Society and Pumpkin

Having just finished listening to their upcoming release, I am floored. This band is excellent. I try to limit myself to including only two songs, but the decision was too much trouble so I have included four. Enjoy them now, and later at the music venue Mango’s on May 29. You can visit My Name Is John Michael on their active blog here.



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