GIANT PRINCESS Music Video for “Gunplay”

Giant Princess – Mexican Easter: The Movie “Part 1″ Gunplay from Ella Egg Films on Vimeo.

Giant Princess Music Video featuring the song Gun Play off their latest album, Mexican Easter – Released only on Cassette

Giant Princess Live Playing Lucien Walk off of Mexican Easter EP

Giant Princess Live playing unreleased song + Adventure from Zip Zop Wow (first release)

Giant Princess’s New EP, Mexican Easter, and their first release, Zip Zop Wow, is now on sale at Cactus Music!

Cactus is located at 2110 Portsmouth

For those that don’t already know, we helped Giant Princess put their first album, Zip Zop Wow, on to vinyl (It was previously released only on CD-R in 2008). We did so because it was and still is our favorite album to play. We hope to continue to support more artists in Houston via this website, community projects, and anyway we can. If you haven’t already done so, pick up a copy at Cactus Music or online.

Also special thanks to Joel Harris and Carlos Ramirez for their help with the filming and editing the live performance of Lucien Walk at Ghoulsfest. Some of the members are dressed in Halloween costumes because it was on October 30th. The guitar solo from Lucien Walk on the album and their live shows kills me every time.

Currently Giant Princess is finishing the touches on a third release and just finished working on an official music video for a single from their Mexican Easter EP, called Gun Play the Movie Part 1.

Contact Giant Princess at – Find out more about them at or from this Giant Princess Interview with



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