Listen Listen & John Little Red Trower’s Knife Throwing Act

The footage is from ListenListen’s vinyl release show at the mink in Houston, Texas. The song is from ListenListen’s performance following the knife throwing act. The man throwing the knives in the video is called,”John Little Red Trower.” He has thrown knives, swallowed fireballs, and given out more heart attacks at special events for quite some time.  Some good people are making a documentary about his life and I sure as hell would like to see it.
It was intense seeing a person getting knives thrown at them. My heart was beating out of my chest and at some point I could only stare through the camera. You can see moments of hesitation in John Little Red Trower’s face when he was throwing towards the end. That’s when I realized how real this was. When Listen Listen took the stage, you couldn’t help but feel the intensity . There music is dark, but there’s an innocence to it that is very calming. It makes you feel that you are ready to accept anything, even death. After watching this video over and over, my stomach tenses up just like it did when I saw John Little Red miss his first throw. Is it the feeling of a knife hitting my stomach? Buy ListenListen’s new album, Dog at Sound Exchange and Cactus Music, or online Here. More information about the band is available on there website at

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